Running a home and paying bills is hard for everyone. When it comes to electric, heating, gas and water consumption, there are many ways that you can even half your bills. Saving energy is not only vital for the environment, but it is good for your bank balance too. Just […]

Is your back starting to send you signals but not in a nice way when you are pregnant? You are not the first and you will definitely not be the last who is experiencing back pains during pregnancy. In fact, it is normal for back pain to appear during this […]

When your baby transforms from a sleepy little thing into a baby who takes a nap for a couple of hours and then spends more hours playing, then you understand that you need to call your imagination to keep your baby entertained. During his or her growth period, your baby’s […]

Once the baby weight starts to accumulate on your body, you are sure that you will lose it very fast once you give birth to your little miracle. You have read about so many diets and seen all these celebrity moms who come back to their initial shape very fast, […]

Once you tell your family that you are expecting twins, all of a sudden you hear lots of things like: “twice as nice”, “two times the charm”, or “double trouble”. Soon, you start wondering, could it be so bad having twins? Or you will receive twice as much accomplishments and […]