Once little tots start hitting those milestones, it is a proud moment for every parent. It then gives parents a rush to see their kids go through milestones, or even beat them earlier than expected. In as much as kids develop at their pace; you can help give your toddler […]

Sleepless nights are part and parcel of life with a newborn baby. Babies do sleep a lot, but they often won’t be asleep for that long. The interrupted sleep causes fatigue to parents who find themselves awake through most nights feeding and comforting their little ones. The reason why babies […]

While new parents might not feel like their little ones sleep a lot, babies spend a considerable amount of time sleeping. With an estimate of 3,000 hours spent sleeping from the time they are born up until they are about six months old, sleep safety for newborns is critical. What […]

Newborns do not have a lot of interests. They do very few things, so they do them all the time. Babies sleep a lot, eat a lot, and therefore poo a lot. Therefore, as a parent or a caretaker of a child, you need to learn the essentials of bath […]

So you are expecting your baby and are on your designated maternity leave. While there are a hundred different things you may want to do during your maternity leave, let us present you with a quick list. Here are essential things to do and buy in your maternity leave. Get […]