When people hear of Dubai, what comes to their minds is relaxation and nothing further than that. They even compare it to taking first class flights to New Zealand while drinking champagne from a flute. They also believe it is more expensive than taking chartered flights to Melbourne on a […]

Dubai houses the tallest building, the tallest residential building, the tallest hotel, the largest shopping mall, the largest aquarium, the largest choreographed fountain show in the world and the list goes on. It’s a city from the future, astounding architecture and skyline, splendid luxury and multi-multiculturalism really make it unique […]

For a long time, cruises seemed to be an activity only your grandparents participated in. However, we can see a definitive re-emergence of this trend over the last few decades. It’s really an interesting phenomenon too – politically and economically, the world has never been such an uncertain place, yet […]