I Hate My Life: Here Are 17 Ways to Stop Hating Your Life

I hate life

Hating life sounds a bit awkward as everything around us, from media to educational institutions, tries to present the vision of a perfect world before us. We are always told that life is beautiful! Unfortunately, life isn’t always beautiful. It can be hard, tough and full of agony! There may come painful moments when you would ask yourself a lot of questions about life and may want to hate your life. “I Hate My Life” is a widely felt emotional status of not-so-successful and stressed people.

People typically hate life for the problems they encounter in their worldly affairs. One thing you have to keep in mind, hating life isn’t a solution, and you have to take steps if you ever feel that you are starting to hate your life!  Life always goes through ebbs and flows and the key to getting through it is being strong emotionally and apply various strategies get out of the bad period. In this article, I am going to discuss some proven ways to stop hating your life when you already feel like “I hate my life”. But remember, these steps given below won’t guarantee you all the success and just bring you back on track to fight the hardship you are facing in life and slowly start enjoying it:

1. Always Get Sound And Enough Sleep

Have Enough Sleep Every Night

Have Enough Sleep Every Night

You will be surprised to know that having a good night’s sleep can solve the problem of feeling like “I hate my life”. It will give you fresh energy and perfect mental health to analyze your problems and act accordingly. Sound and enough sleep will enable you to analyze the problems from different perspectives. You will certainly be grouchy as hell and more prone to the more miserable side if you don’t get your recommended seven or more hours of sleep a night.

2. Have A Healthy Diet

Eat Well to love your life

Healthy eating is as important as enough sleep per day. Having healthy food can dramatically improve your mood, energy level, and physical condition. You can certainly eat a big burger or a large pizza or full case of soda as a treat, but don’t forget to eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, protein, and vitamins. Maybe the food disorder you are having is one of the primary reasons you are not enjoying your life. So, be a foodie and never again feel like hating your life.”

3. Try To Breathe Fresh Air

Breathe Fresh Air not to hate your life

Though the benefits of this habit are always underrated, going out of your abode for a walk in the morning or the evening can really be helpful for your mind and body. If you’re stuck and mulling over on the bad things of your life, just go for a walk. Walking for the sake of walking can be charming and grounding as you learn and get to enjoy the small things at the time of walking.

4. Write It Down

Write down the things that are making you hate your life in a notebook, diary or blog or whatever you prefer. It’s not a good habit to bottle up your grudge and bad feelings. Sometimes the best thing to do is letting it flow. Expressing yourself even on a piece of paper would help you wipe out your bad feeling. As soon as you write it down, you can think of ways or methods that you can follow to avoid or prevent this kind of feeling/bad things happening again.

Step 5: Do Some Exercise

Do Some Exercise

For exercise, it’s not necessary that you have to go to a fancy gym to exercise with the heavy instrument. You can just run around your house block with a headphone in your ear or lift some heavy boxes to keep your muscles active. Regular exercise will keep your blood flowing and help you feel better. Know these mental health benefits of regular exercise to understand the significance of exercising.

6. Try To Control the Negative Emotional Trigger

Chances are quite high that, if you hate your life, something is making you think that way and triggering negative emotions in your head. If you are unable to deal with those negative thinking in your head, just get rid of them. At least, try to bar the avenues through which they come to your head. For example, if you are addicted to continuous checking on your successful friends’ lifestyle via Facebook or Twitter (by the way, they have given this a name “Obsessive Comparison Disorder”), stop using Facebook or Twitter. The point is whatever sets your mood off, just cut it down.

7. Give Yourself Treats At Times

Hating your life can literally be exhausting and can drain your energy to such a level that you would just want to lay down on your bed and dive into the darkness of despair. So, to keep your spirits up, you should give yourself nice treats at times. Feel free to do whatever you like to do such as watching your favorite serial’s five episodes at a time, go to a watch a movie in a cinema hall or going to a beauty parlor. After all, life isn’t that much longer to deny yourself all the treats you deserve.

8. Dance to Your Heart

Dance to enjoy life

Yes, you are reading it right! You need to dance! You don’t have to be an expert on break dancing or ballroom dancing. Dance the way you like, dance like you don’t care, dance like nobody’s watching. Sway your hips, tap your feet or do whatever you like. Just shake and move your body to dive into the rhythm of the favorite song. It will make you feel better. Know the mental benefits of dancing.

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