I Hate My Life: Here Are 17 Ways to Stop Hating Your Life

9. Organize your things or tasks

To move things forward or to make you feel better, just organize your tasks or things. Maintain a task list based on priority and clear off unnecessary things from your room or home. Just try to give some space to the things or tasks that are really important to you. A little tidiness in your tasks and things can really do wonders for your mood.

10. Engage in Charity

Engage in Charity

Charity is something that is often seen as a way to get back to the life. When you are at the collapsing point, just help others. It will create a ripple impact, and you will notice how much difference you are making in the life of the people you are helping out. Eventually, this will make your life better too!

11. Spend time with Family

how to stop hating your life

Try to pass regular family time and be connected with your family members. They are the ones who will stand by your side in all your hardships. Spending time with family will give your life purpose. Sometimes the problems can arise from the family itself. In that case, choose to spend time with the person people who really love you and care about you. Feeling loved will help you think positively about life. Here are some wonderful reasons to spend more time with family.

12. Realize Your Potential

Find your strength and weakness and try to maneuver them. If you are aware of the things that make you feel bad or feel good, you will be able to plan what to do to make you feel good and what not to do to avoid making you feel bad.

13. Read Good Books To Find New Inspiration

reading books to find inspiration

Good books are almost alternative to good friends.  They will teach you different things and introduce you to different types of situation happening in people’s life. You can read good, inspirational books including a biography of famous people, good management or philosophical books or whatever suits your taste.

14. Spend less time online

If you spend more time on the Internet than you do with real people, you should think about how you are actually spending the time. Remember, virtual world and the real world is completely different and you need to focus more on the real world as this is where you truly live. Though this is a common problem among millennial generation checking it will improve the quality of your thoughts and lifestyle. Here are some proven ways to spend less time online.

15. Surprise yourself

To feel that you are alive, sometimes do things that you don’t typically do or have never done before. Break your mundane habits at times and enjoy the details of the life. Remember that you are too young to be tired or bored.

16. Change your home

People change their city or living place for many wrong reasons. If you think you need to renovate your life and stop hating it, change your city or at least the home. Changing the environment is likely to give you a new look towards everything around you.

17. Seek Help

You shouldn’t be coy to seek help if you think you aren’t being able to handle your life’s problem or not being able to stop hating it. You should open up your heart about all the problems you have to a person who is mindful, who knows you and understands you. If you don’t see any person like that around you, go to a therapist and do follow his/her suggestion.

Human beings are unbelievably adaptive. We might struggle at first, but we can always get through the toughest of times.  You may feel like “I hate my life” is because we fail to do whatever we want to do with our lives. We live someone else’s idea or dream which creates conflict in mind and action and results in hatefulness or self-guilt. So, following the above guidelines might be useful to change life towards betterment.


If loving yourself and your life is your prime goal, you will never again feel like I hate my life. Expect less from life and spend time giving back to the other people, the society and make people around you happy. If someone else can succeed in something, why can’t you do the same? Find someone ways to spend less time online and follow him or her. If you set your goal, work every day to achieve that goal and never feel like failing, you will find success someday and will love your life. So, never again feel like I hate my life. I hope now you know how not to hate your life.

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