How to Increase your Laptop Battery Life

laptop battery life

Nobody wants to be caught in a situation where they need their laptop urgently but, find out they are stuck on zero battery life. Especially if you are presenting some key note in front of an audience or need to collect some important file from your system; even if you are just caught in the middle of watching some movies, having a drained out battery at an unexpected time is no fun.

Nowadays, the regular laptops boast an 8 hour battery life on just a single charge, while the more ultra-modern ones can go up to 14 hours or more. Really, the longevity of your battery life rests a lot in your hands, so don’t whine if the laptop you bought does not last up to the advertised 6 hours, two months after you purchased it.

Here are some tips on how to increase your laptop battery life:

Be Mindful where You Place Your Laptop

We are all guilty of this, I certainly am- we place our laptops on soft surfaces, on beds and thighs. It is called a laptop, yes, but if you wish your battery life to last as long as possible, try placing it more on hard surfaces like desks and counters to avoid the system overheating. The vents at the bottom and sides of your laptop are actually there to ensure proper ventilation and prevent overheating, which happens when your laptop is placed on a soft surface.

Don’t let Your Laptop Battery Die

Even though overcharging will not affect your battery’s lifespan, many of us are also guilty of waiting for our laptops to get flat dead before finding an output to plug into. This is not healthy for your laptop battery. Avoid letting your battery level go down past 20%, as your battery charging capacity could be affected.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

When they are not being used, it would help your battery life if you disabled the Wi-Fi___33 and Bluetooth because, the radios actually use up a share of power. Once you are not plugged into a power outlet and you require longer battery life from your laptop, the sensible thing is to turn off all radios. You can easily disable the Wi-Fi___33 on most laptops fairly easily. For the Bluetooth option, you may check the Start menu for some options connected to Bluetooth or, click on the Control Panel icon and head to the Device Manager option.

Dim the Screen

The biggest drain source on your laptop is probably the screen. And, the brighter your screen light is, the more power gets zapped up. Dimming the brightness on your screen can extend your battery life by anything up to 30 minutes and more, allowing you more battery life.

Constant Maintenance

Everything needs maintenance, even the human body. Your laptop battery could have served its full time and it is time to let it go. Get a replacement battery, and replace the old one. You would get better battery life with the new battery and, you could implement some of the lessons learnt from this article and the early demise of your old battery. Or, having enough foresight, you could purchase a spare laptop battery and then alternate between the two. Some of these batteries can even provide you higher battery capacity than your original.

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