Once the baby weight starts to accumulate on your body, you are sure that you will lose it very fast once you give birth to your little miracle. You have read about so many diets and seen all these celebrity moms who come back to their initial shape very fast, […]

Once you tell your family that you are expecting twins, all of a sudden you hear lots of things like: “twice as nice”, “two times the charm”, or “double trouble”. Soon, you start wondering, could it be so bad having twins? Or you will receive twice as much accomplishments and […]

If toddlers would have an off switch button, many parents would be happy. When they seem to get tired, actually they are preparing for a new round of games and giggles. “How they resist?”, many parents ask themselves. However, at the end of the day, when their batteries finish, they […]

What will your baby do as soon as he or she is able to crawl / walk / climb? It is not so difficult to answer this question. Of course, he or she will be extremely curious to explore all the other rooms of the house. This is why it […]

Everyone trying to lose weight will soon get it the message etched in their mind that cardio is an important part of weight loss. However, cardio can get quite annoyingly  monotonous which is never good for anyone trying to stay committed to working out. Come in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), […]