Cyber security is an increasingly big concern across all industries, and healthcare is no exception. Over recent years, healthcare data breaches have grown to the point that healthcare is now the number one industry affected by cyber-attacks. While that shouldn’t scare you away from the doctor’s office, there are precautions […]

There are a lot of cars that can run on the same batteries you’d use for other vehicles, and it’s also not hard to find multiple batteries with different power ratings that are all approved for the same car or truck. That’s because performance parts that are designed to deliver […]

No one ever said gardening was easy. Well, no one anyway. There are all kinds of landscaping mistakes that are dumb that even green thumbs may create. Learning how not to gardening your yard is just a fantastic initial step for novices. Oh sure, you’ll eventually like to discover all […]

When people hear of Dubai, what comes to their minds is relaxation and nothing further than that. They even compare it to taking first class flights to New Zealand while drinking champagne from a flute. They also believe it is more expensive than taking chartered flights to Melbourne on a […]

Nobody wants to be caught in a situation where they need their laptop urgently but, find out they are stuck on zero battery life. Especially if you are presenting some key note in front of an audience or need to collect some important file from your system; even if you […]

Dubai houses the tallest building, the tallest residential building, the tallest hotel, the largest shopping mall, the largest aquarium, the largest choreographed fountain show in the world and the list goes on. It’s a city from the future, astounding architecture and skyline, splendid luxury and multi-multiculturalism really make it unique […]