Why 2017 Should Be the Year When You Choose to Cruise?

Cruising Vacation

For a long time, cruises seemed to be an activity only your grandparents participated in. However, we can see a definitive re-emergence of this trend over the last few decades. It’s really an interesting phenomenon too – politically and economically, the world has never been such an uncertain place, yet these globe-trotting “throw caution to the wind” escapades have never been more popular. For now, this has been a year of unbelievable cruise deals for tourists. If this fact is not enough to motivate you, here are some other reasons why 2017 should be the year when you choose to cruise.

Age gap, age drop

It’s interesting to note that, to a lot of young people, a cruise is still something they tend to see as a vacation option usually only elders enjoy. However, it looks like most tourists are coming around. The average age of the cruise passenger has fallen to its lowest in twenty years, and it has become normal to see a healthy diversity of age on each of these ships.

Most of the passengers who opted for these trips used to be at least in their forties – working class individuals – and people who have just started enjoying their pensions. Since cruise ships have started to expand upon various activities, they have included a lot of recreational options mostly young people enjoy, from Wii Sports to video game competitions and major teenage tentpole movie projections in mini-cinemas.

Entertainment venues have also become more sophisticated and better produced. Caribbean and Norwegian cruises are known for their high-quality live shows, theatrical adaptations of musicals and awe-inspiring acrobatic acts. All in all, cruises are meant to be fun for the entire family.


Carnivalesque all around

Themes are all the rage in tourism right now. From boutique hotels to immersive lodging experiences steeped in historical context, we live in a time when simply renting a clean room isn’t enough. This business model was also adopted by cruising agencies. For example – what if you could travel from the port of New Caledonia to Singapore with a particular theme following you everywhere you go?

Right now, Carnival Cruise Line seems to be all the rage. They are a fantastic way to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones and have unadulterated fun at the same time. From cool bars, discos and live shows to amazing meals and colorful port activities, the program offers entertainment that will melt the heart of even the most straight-faced cynic.

It virtually doesn’t matter where your cruise stops, it’s a non-stop Carnival-style fun with a wide range of activities that are fashioned with an exclusive intention to delight you. Do you want to go swimming with marine life of Fiji or parasail off the coast of Hawaii? It’s up to you to decide, which is a perk most vacations can’t offer.

luxury cruise ship

Tailor the vacation to your own liking

A vacation should be like a well-tailored suit – each seam and sleeve has to align perfectly with your body. Likewise, a cruise is like a vacation that has absolutely everything to offer. It gives you enough “elbow space” to enjoy various activities according to your immediate needs. Some of these cruise ships are as big as small towns and they are filled with various shops and recreation areas which are open 24/7.

In fact, many people who used to decide on all-inclusive resorts now choose to go on a cruise ship instead. On the one hand, it’s hard to compare the two, since cruises aren’t strictly all-inclusive, even though they tend to offer “everything”. Naturally, the lines between the two vacationing formats are getting blurrier, year after year. In order to compete in the oversaturated market, cruises are adding more content to their offers, and the ships have turned into hedonism playgrounds.

Cursing Around the world

The size is important for your experience

It’s awe-inspiring how gargantuan the ships have become. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines have introduced their Oasis class of cruise vessels in April of 2016, which are nothing if not hulking cities on water. The allure of the Seas and her sister ship Oasis of the Seas are a true feat of engineering. The view from the promenade makes you feel as if you are living on a bustling city street and, once you spend enough time on the decks, it’s easy to forget you are sailing across the large body of water.

We have ended up in a situation where tourists don’t even have to leave the ship to have fun which will, in a foreseeable future, change the entire setup and point of these cruising vacations.

Gliding across a placid ocean in a self-sustained “city” of fun might be an ideal picture of a care-free vacation. With so many activities on board, cruises are an epitome of escapism. When you take the overall atmosphere of global anxiousness into consideration, it’s really not that surprising to see why such a form of vacationing became so popular. It’s all about blowing off some steam.

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