Baby Bath and Bed Time Essentials

Baby Bath and Bed Time Essentials

Newborns do not have a lot of interests. They do very few things, so they do them all the time. Babies sleep a lot, eat a lot, and therefore poo a lot. Therefore, as a parent or a caretaker of a child, you need to learn the essentials of bath time and bedtime for babies.

Let us start first with bath times.

Baby Bath Tubs

Babies are the cutest things, but they are also very delicate and weak. Therefore, parents are advised not to bathe time in a sink or a regular bath tub. Instead, you should buy a bath tub for your baby.

Baby bath tubs are specially designed. Many good tubs are cushioned with soft material for the baby. Hard plastics and tub materials can hurt your babies. For this reason, you will also find some bath tubs that offer a comfy sling for your baby. The sling material is soft and designed for your baby’s skin.

Choose a tub that is big enough for your baby but not too big. Some baby tubs are extendable as the baby grows. Too big of a tub and there is a chance of drowning. Bath tubs are easy to transport and just the right fit for your bundle of joy.

Bathing Essentials


The first thing you need to make sure is that water is at the right temperature. Babies are often bathed in mildly warm water. It is best to buy a quick thermometer for bath time. Some bath tubs come with built-in thermometers. You can always check the water by dipping your elbow or wrist into the water and holding for a few seconds.

Make sure the room is not too cold either. You do not want to shock a warm baby to a cold room.

During the bath

You also need baby soap or washing gel, baby shampoo, and soft washcloths for your baby. The washcloths make sure you don’t accidently scratch your baby which may irritate the baby for days! For a similar reason, many parents also buy baby hairbrushes which are softer and more sensitive for your baby.


You also need soft baby towels to dry up the baby after the bath. Next, comes a very vital ingredient: the moisturizer. Baby skin dries up quickly and irritates the infant. Apply baby moisture in the form of oil, gel, lotion, or cream.

With this, let’s move to bed time essentials.

The Right Bassinet/Crib

Cribs cost more than a bassinet and take up more space. While cribs are a more long term investment, bassinets are preferred for the first few months. Newborns feel more at ease in a smaller, cozier space. A bassinet or cradle provides this convenient and comfortable sleeping place.

Moreover, bassinets are easily portable. You are not going to be carrying crib around the house. If you tend to spend a lot of daytime in the living room or away from the nursery, bassinets are your desired product. Similarly, you can keep your baby close during nighttime by letting him/her sleep in your room. The portability of bassinets is a handful feature.

Some bassinets include an incline sleeper mode which is also helpful for some babies. Choose bassinets with covers or hoods that let air through but keep the mosquitoes and other harm outside.

Sleep Time Essentials

You need a firm flat mattress for your baby. Make sure the mattress is the correct size for the crib/bassinet you use. Choose soft baby sheets to cover the mattress. Between the mattress and baby sheets place a waterproof layer to keep the mattress safe from odors or cleaning.

Keep the room warm and regulated. You will need baby blankets. We advise you buy multiple blankets and even vary thickness.

For your baby, you need appropriate sleepwear. Some babies will sleep just fine under soft blankets, but others prefer their sleepwear. Choose sleepwear the keeps baby feet warm and comfy. Cold toes can wake up babies and disturb them for the night.

To soothe a baby for sleep time, you may want a rocking chair in the nursery. Soft music and gentle motion can put babies to sleep. Rocking chair or baby swings are great for that. Think about investing in one now, and thank us later!

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