Baby On The Move. How To Keep Him/Her Safe?

Baby Walking

When your kid begins the walking career, things become exciting and serious. The first steps of your child are a very big deal and it gives you lots of satisfaction. You begin making new plans around this new development stage. But, you also pay attention to keep him or her safe as your child’s activity intensifies.

At this stage, you see your house from your child’s perspective. Many parents start doing various changes to their home adapting the environment to their baby’s new activities. Your baby’s new explorations skills mean extra care from your side. Therefore, in order to keep things under control, there are some safety tricks that you can apply.

How To Keep A Baby On The Move Safe?

As soon as your child began to crawl, you started to baby-proof your house making sure that nothing will hurt him or her. However, when he or she starts to walk, things complicate a bit and you would need to double your efforts. Therefore, going through the house again and check whether everything is ok would be a great solution. A very useful tip would be to think everything from the child’s perspective; this means more than thinking like a child. A great tip would be to explore the house while crawling like a kid in order to see any possible hazards.

So here goes the list of things that maybe slipped from your attention at the first attention.

  • Take away from the child’s reach any cleaners or chemical liquids. You definitely do not want tiny fingers exploring what is inside those bottles. Therefore, it would be better to secure the cabinets. However, you can leave some colorful, storage containers made of plastic that your kid can explore while he or she is assisting you during the meal preparation for example.
  • Try to remove roadblocks from the way of these still-clumsy feet. It would great if you would take away any rugs from your beginner walker’s way.
  • We are sorry to tell you this, but if you have a glass-topped coffee table that fits perfectly in your living room, now it is the time to replace it with one from a baby-friendly material. If you cannot replace it, at least remove it for a period from your child’s way. As soon as he or she grows a bit older, you can go back to having the most fashionable glass table in your living room.
  • Doorknob covers are perfect for the back and front doors. As your child begins to walk, he or she becomes more curious. So, you will not be surprised to see your kid climb into the drawer as soon as he or she notices the door is open. It is funny though to just thinking of finding your kid in the drawer and rearranging your things, but it would be even better to keep him or her safe.
  • Radiators, heaters, or furnaces should be covered. If you have a fireplace, it would be better to put a grill around it. Your little cruiser’s curiosity is beyond limits and we are sure that you would not like to burn his or her little hands.
  • Baby gates are your best friend when your kid begins to walk. Install them at the top and bottom of the stairs. Therefore, your little cruiser will understand where his or her journey ends and you could relax knowing that you created the safest possible environment for your child.

Even though you have child-proofed your house to the maximum, do not be surprised if there will still appear bumps and lots of tears. Do not be disappointed and scared, as they are inevitable. Offer instead an “Oops! That’s okay!” to your child and you will see how a big smile appears on your kid’s face and he or she will start trucking again.

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