Baby’s First Big Triumph – Walking

Teaching your baby to walk

When you become a parent, there are some specific moments in your child’s development that you will always remember. The first steps or the first words are some moments for which you would like to freeze time. Before saying the first words, your baby will catch your attention with the first steps. As soon as he or she reaches 9 months it is more likely that he or she will start doing the first steps. Normally, between 9 and 15 months, your baby will start making the first steps and will amaze you with all his giggles and funny faces.

Pre-Walking Stages

Before literally walking, your baby will follow some stages. When he or she is around 6 months old, your baby will sit up. You will see how he or she solves the puzzle of using his or her muscles and stay in a sitting position. During this period, you can stimulate his or her little muscles by throwing a soft ball back and forth and have fun playing together like this.

When he or she reaches 7 to 10 months, your baby will start crawling. He or she will use his arms and legs at the same time and will be amazed at what he or she can do with the body. It is also important to support your child during this period and encourage him or her to crawl. You can put him or her crawl from one side of the room to the other. You can praise him or her every time he or she does this movement.

After 8 Months Things Become More Serious

At around 8 months old, your baby will start pulling up. He or she is already stronger and becomes more and more curious to explore the world. Therefore, he or she will use you or the furniture as a support to pull up. This is an important moment for your baby as he or she will learn how to keep his or her balance. Moreover, he or she will start getting familiar with the standing position. You can also support your child during this period by pulling him or her up and help him bend his or her knees. Like this, your child will learn how to ease the falls when coming back to the floor.

As soon as the child starts pulling up, you can help him or her in taking the first steps. This will help him or her become confident in making the first steps. Practice is the key in this development phase. The more you encourage and stimulate him or her to stand and stay on his or her feet, the more curious the kid will become and determined to take the first steps.

Ways To Help Your Kid Improve The Walking Process

As the baby becomes more mobile and learns how to coordinate his or her movements, the child will start using the furniture to move around.  During this phase, it is also important to pay attention to his or her safety. Therefore, make sure that the furniture is baby proof. Like this, you will keep your child safe and avoid any accidents. You can also prepare a soft landing spot that he or she will use to land when he or she gets tired.

When your child reaches almost 12 months, he or she will know already what balance is. He or she will be able to stand for a few seconds. This is the sign that tells you that your baby will soon make the first steps. Encourage the kid every time he or she is standing up and turn this entire adventure into a game.

Apart from supporting your child and praising him for every achievement, you can also buy him a baby walker. It will help the kid during the pre-walking phase and has an important role in his or her physical development. What is more, baby walkers come with various games that will develop the child’s imagination and motor skills.

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