7 Best Adventure Activities in Dubai

See Dubai from the Sky

When people hear of Dubai, what comes to their minds is relaxation and nothing further than that. They even compare it to taking first class flights to New Zealand while drinking champagne from a flute. They also believe it is more expensive than taking chartered flights to Melbourne on a jet. The truth is that most of these persons who pass this kind of judgment have never been to Dubai. They may have probably heard on or two persons talk about the riches of Dubai and draw conclusions from such tails. The media is also another reason for this as you get to see beautiful places on television. There is actually more to Dubai than relaxation. Not everybody goes to Dubai to sun tan, stay in expensive hotel, and visit the spa and other stuffs like that.

Dubai is also home to people who want that surge of adrenaline as they go on an adventure. There are tons of adventurous activities to engage yourself in while you are on Dubai. Hiding in your hotel room and sleeping off is not a good way to enjoy your holiday. If you lazy about during the holiday, you will have a hard time adjusting when you resume work. This is the more reason why you should engage in thrilling activities while on holiday. If you want to cross Dubai off your holiday list, here are seven best adventure activities in Dubai that will convince you to visit Dubai.

Go sea diving

This is one hell of an adventure and people who have not been to Dubai do not see this potential. Most people do not see beyond the technology and the desert. Dubai has warm water bodies teeming with life. You get to see barracudas, killifish, angelfish, different species of rays and turtles as well. Imagine the thrill of getting close and personal to these underwater creatures.

Climb the Burj Khalifa

The thrill of standing on top of the tallest building in the world will make you smile like you just won a million dollars lottery. This is because bracing a height of about four hundred and fifty two meters is no feat for the faint of heart. For those who dare however, you will be rewarded with the view of the city of Dubai amongst other features provided by the hotel. So if you want to push yourself and get some adventure then this is a good place to try.

Enjoy some dune bashing

The desert is not for the meek neither is this extreme desert racing game. Most people who explore the desert prefer to do it from the comfort of a hummer or any other SUV. This does take the thrill away as you lose that first hand feel of bashing through the desert sands. So strap on your seatbelt and explore the desert first hand.


The thrill that comes with exploring height is second to none. This is not an activity for everybody as it comes with a certain level of risk. Amateurs and first timers are advised to use indoor skydiving. This way they do it in a controlled environment and avoid the risk. If you are into skydiving, you can take that jump, free fall, open the parachute then enjoy the serene silence and spectacular view from up there. This will definitely be an adventure you will always want to talk boast about.

Take a drive at the autodrome

Dubai is ready to welcome everybody and recognizes that people have different hobbies. Not everyone is thrilled by the idea of jumping from a helicopter and opening a parachute. Some people love the sound of engines and the smell of burning rubber. Dubai is popular for it professional race track so you can watch your favorite sport. It also has special tracks for people who want to get the thrill of burning rubber. You will have access to a wide range of cars to choose from and breeze through the race tracks.


Some people just love plain fun with some level of control. It does not have to be freakish or life threatening in their own way. You can flyboard and enjoy the thrill of using a jet pack’s look alike with the only difference been that you wear them on your feet instead of your back. The flyboard is actually a board that is connected to water pumps. The pressure from the water can push you up as high as ten meters. You can control your movement by adjusting the pressure of the water or shifting weight.

Deep sea fishing

Everyone loves to have fun but not everyone has the strength of doing certain extreme activities. Fishing is one activity that gives room for almost everybody. You can enjoy this feature in Dubai. You can even take it to another level by doing deep sea fishing. You get the thrill and excitement of battling with the sea while you take on some serious sea creatures.

Dubai is more than just relaxation. There is more to this beautiful place than just fancy hotels and relaxation centers.

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