10 Best Kitchen Tools You Must Have

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Do you want to become a better cooker? You do not need to have a fully-equipped kitchen like in the cooking shows you see on TV, to be successful. As long as you have the basic kitchen tools, you will make your cooking experience more fun and enjoyable. Therefore, as long as you like what you are preparing and you have the right tools to help you, then the taste of your dishes will be excellent. What is more, having the best kitchen tools is not complicated at all and you will see that is not expensive either.

Must-Have Kitchen Tools

  1. 1. Sharp and high-quality knives. If you would ask a top chef, he will tell you that when you start equipping your kitchen you should start with the knives. Cooking experts recommend to not compromising with quality. However, top quality does not necessarily mean that you will need to buy expensive products. When you choose a knife it is better to test it and see if it feels comfortable when you handle it. In addition, a sharp knife will help you prepare the right proportions of your ingredients and will prevent you from cutting yourself.
  2. Cutting boards made of hardwood. Once you buy a hardwood cutting board you will see that it is invaluable and irreplaceable. One major benefit is that it protects your counter. But this is not all! A cutting board keeps your knife sharp and helps you transport more easily the food from one place to the other. If you buy a cutting board made of maple, mesquite or walnut, then it means that you made the right decision. Those made of bamboo are also excellent and they are less expensive than the others.
  3. Different bowls for mixing various ingredients. If you want to be efficient in the kitchen, you need to avoid creating a mess around you. Therefore, a durable set of bowls is going to be of great help. Stainless steel bowls or those made of nonreactive material are excellent for mixing ingredients and preparing your favorite dishes.
  4. Measure your ingredients with measuring cups and spoons. If you like baking, then a set of measuring cups and spoons are essential because you need precise quantities. They are not expensive at all and if you want to avoid washing and rewashing when you have different ingredients, then it would be a good idea to have more than one set.
  5. Do not forget to buy a grater. If you want to shred cheese, parmesan, or other flavorful ingredients, then you will need to have a grater in your kitchen. Now the market is full of different models. Therefore, if you choose a large hole model, then you will be able to shred vegetables like potatoes or carrots easier. The small hole ones will help you grate garlic, ginger, citrus peel or spices. So add it on your shopping list as the basic tool for your kitchen.
  6. The strainer will solve a lot of your kitchen needs. For example, you can use a strainer to rinse canned beans or drain pasta, remove blanched vegetables from the boiling water or remove berry seeds from berry sauces. It would be ideal to buy different-sized strainers in order to cover a wide variety of kitchen needs.
  7. How useful is the whisk? Many people think that the whisk is necessary only when you have wet ingredients. However, it can be used for both wet and dry ingredients. For instance, if you want to mix brown sugar cinnamon topping, then you will need a small whisk. On the other hand, if you want to mix the ingredients for a cake, then a large whisk is going to be what you need.
  8. You will also need wooden spoons to stir sauces, but also to toss salads or serve foods. When you cook in a nonstick cookware, then it is mandatory to use a wooden spoon. What is really great is that they come in different shapes and sizes. So a set of wooden spoons will help you in preparing a wide variety of recipes.
  9. Did we say spatulas? Just like wooden spoons, they come in different sizes and shapes and will help you almost in any type of dish you would prepare. You can use the flat and wide spatula to transfer the food, or you can use the long and skinny one for baking.
  10. The kitchen tongs is a very important tool in your kitchen and will meet different kitchen needs. If you need to toss the salad, pasta or vegetables before serving, you cannot do it properly without a kitchen tongs. What is more, when it comes to transferring the hot food to the dinner plate, then it will help you as well.

All in all, we are sure that apart from the 10 kitchen tools mentioned above, there are many others that will help you a lot while you are cooking. However, if you start with this simple list, you will see how your cooking experience improves and you find the whole process more entertaining and enjoyable.

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