Breaking The Bad Habits Of Your Toddler

Breaking The Bad Habits Of Your Toddler

If toddlers would have an off switch button, many parents would be happy. When they seem to get tired, actually they are preparing for a new round of games and giggles. “How they resist?”, many parents ask themselves. However, at the end of the day, when their batteries finish, they crash. And, they crash literally anywhere, not in their own bed like many parents would expect.

Some kids are excellent sleepers and they seem to understand the lesson of discipline when it comes to going to bed. But, there are also many others who are exactly the opposite. When it comes to putting their toddlers to bed, many parents face one of the biggest challenges. The good news is that putting your toddler to bed is just a matter of habit and all kids will eventually learn it at one moment.

How To Break Your Toddler’s Bad Sleeping Habits

There is no successful method that will make your toddler learn instantly this new habit. But, there are some tips that will help you learn your toddler the “art of putting himself or herself to sleep”. Here is how you can do it:

  • Start preparing the wind-down process early in the evening. When your toddler has been racing all day in the house, you cannot expect him or her to just decompressing when it comes time for sleep. Moreover, during the evening, the family usually reunites and it would more likely that your toddler will get excited when he or she will see the dad coming home. In this case, the dad would better read a quiet, nice story instead of tossing him or her in the air showing his excitement of being together.
  • Practice makes it perfect. Therefore, following the same routine every evening will help you getting easier your toddler to sleep. One efficient routine would look like this: dinner, bath, nice story, prayer, and blessing. Then, it would be nice to sing a calming song to your little one and in the meantime, you try turning the lights off. Like this, you create for your child a sense of predictability, safety and calm. The more you complicate the routine, the more difficult it will be for your child to adapt to it. Therefore, keep things simple and you will not fail.
  • Even toddlers can set their “biological clock”. They just need a little help from their parents’ side to set it in the right way. Considering their biological rhythm, most toddlers are most likely to go to bed around 7 pm. If they skip this hour, adrenaline will kick out again and your toddler will reactive. And, you do not want that. Don’t you? Therefore, start dimming the lights one hour before bedtime and try to give your child a sensation of relaxation with a calm and easy routine. The effects are amazing! Trust us!
  • Prepare a cozy bed for your toddler. You can also add all his or her favorite stuffed animals that your toddler likes the most. Thus, your child will feel comfortable and safe sharing his or her bed with all his friends for a good night sleep. In addition, the room atmosphere matters a lot when you want to make sure that your toddler is going to sleep all night. Warmth is important and also making sure that the streetlights will not bother your child too much. Noise is also an important element. Therefore, keep away any possible noise that can turn slight waking into real waking.

All things considered, your toddler will learn soon to respect the bedtime routine and will actually enjoy it. Do not get frustrated if things do not work from the beginning the way you planned them. As long as you keep yourself calm, you will transmit the same thing to your child who will understand that bedtime is important.

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