How To Choose The Perfect Gift For A Teenager Kid

Teenager Kid Gift Ideas

Buying gifts are hard for whoever you are choosing for but buying for teenagers is a daunting, hard and tiring task to take on. It involves a lot of thinking, a lot of planning and a lot of worrying and you might feel succumbed to just putting some money on a card. Whatever the occasion and whatever the age there are some things to consider before buying a gift for that terrible teenager in your life!

Girl or a Boy?

Before you go ahead and hit the shops, you need to know whether you are buying for a boy or a girl. Girls like make-up, clothes, and shoes whereas boys might prefer football, wrestling, and music. Although everyone is different, this can help narrow down your options a lot.

Determine their Interests and Hobbies

Next, you need to decide what they are interested in. Look at their social media account to get a basic idea. They might have a sport they are interested in; they might be the type of person that loves to party and go out. Ask them about their hobbies when you see them and get a basic idea of what kind of person they are. It is pointless buying a tennis racket for someone that never plays tennis.

Ask Relatives and Friends For Suggestions

The good idea is to ask friends and family for suggestions. Most of the time, the teenager will have left comments and hints about what they want for their birthday. Asking their parents is equally a good idea because they know their child the best. Ask them also what their teenager needs, maybe a new bike, a new pair of headphones or a new phone. Combining something they need into their gift means you can’t go wrong.

Make a List of Ideal Gifts

Make a list of all the ideas you have come up with and go through them one by one. Think about whether it is a certain gift or a not so certain gift. Tick the ones you think will be perfect and cross off the ones you aren’t sure about. Look back and think about what you liked as a teenager because this can help you put yourself in their shoes. Make a list and then consider your budget because some gifts may be more expensive than others. Consider what you what to spend on your gift and narrow down your list even more.

Opt For a ‘Safe’ Gift

A safe gift is a gift voucher or a gift which can be returned in case the teenager doesn’t like it. Either include the receipt of the gift or make sure it can be returned to the shop you purchased it from. The person you are giving a gift to won’t want to tell you they want to change it so make sure you put it on the card or a note on the gift where you purchased it from. That way they can go and swap it without worrying about upsetting you. Another safe option is cash or a temporary credit card with some money on it.

Just with some simple planning and by asking a few questions you can choose and buy the perfect gift for any teenager. Whether your son, your niece, your sister or just a family friend keep this list of tips with you and you can’t go wrong!

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