The Do’s And Don’ts of Sleeping with the Baby

Sleeping with the baby

When you have a baby, you would like to spend a possible time with him or her. If it were possible, you would spend days and nights with this little soul making sure that everything is all right and he or she receives the maximum affection from your side. Therefore, most parents tend to bring their babies in bed especially in the first months.

On one side, this is a method of being sure that they are always next to their babies when they need them. On the other hand, because mom and dad are exhausted, it would be more convenient to bring the baby to sleep in the same bed with them. In fact, for many parents, bed-sharing is a choice.

Those who are for this option mention that sleeping with the baby could bring a lot of benefits. For example, you are thus able to feed your baby easier and frequently especially during the night. Also, sleeping in the same bed with your baby contributes to raising a happy and confident child.

The Do’s And Don’ts of Sharing the Bed with Your Baby

Whether you decide to sleep with your baby from time to time or regularly during the first months, there are some aspects that you need to consider. Of course, nowhere is better for a child than close to his or her parents. However, the parents should be responsible and take care of their child’s safety. Therefore, the following guidelines of providing the safest sleeping environment for the child will help you.

What are the do’s when you sleep with your baby?

  • If you have a bed fitted on a frame, make sure that the headboard and footboard are tightly fixed on it. Therefore, you are preventing your child from getting hurt and being stuck in a crack.
  • A bed rail will definitely help you in case you have a bed high off the ground. Babies move a lot during night and so you prevent him or her from rolling off when you are both asleep.
  • For a plus of comfort and safety, you can use layers of thin blankets. Moreover, it is important to ensure a good posture for your baby. Thus, use firm pillows and a firm mattress.
  • When you are putting your baby to sleep in your bed, ensure that he or she is on the back.

Are there any don’ts?

  • If you want to share the bed with your baby, we would recommend not to share a couch or a sofa.
  • Even though an adult bed is big and comfortable, leaving your baby alone in it is not safe at all.
  • In case you feel excessively tired, it would be better to put your baby to sleep in his or her bed.
  • We know that fluffy pillows and duvets are extremely comfortable, but when you want to share the bed with your child, they are not recommended.
  • If you are determined to share your bedroom with your baby, then you need to make sure that environment is completely safe. This means that the room should not be over-heated. In addition, a room where you have smoked before would not be quite good for your child. Therefore, try to create a fresh and clean environment for your baby while he or she is sleeping.

If all these do’s and don’ts have made you doubtful whether to sleep with your baby or not, there is also one convenient solution. Buying a baby bassinet will help you a lot in keeping an eye on your child all the time. You can take it with you wherever you want in the house. Moreover, if you like traveling, it is also foldable. Therefore, you can offer your child a familiar and comfortable environment, while you enjoy the traveling.

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