10 Easy Home Cleaning Hacks That You Must Know

Easy Home Cleaning Hacks That You Must Know

Everyone likes to keep their home clean and tidy. However, there have been many times when we struggled to solve many tricky cleanups and in the end, we could not find any solution. Even though we have used the best products on the market, the result was zero. We just managed to spend a lot of money, while the problem was still there. There are, however, some simple cleaning hacks that will help you solve even the most obstinate problems. What is more, you do not need to spend a lot of money to resolve these issues permanently. With some simple ingredients that you have in your home, you will forget about all the effort that you put to solve the most persistent cleaning problems.

Make Your Life Easier With These Cleaning Hacks

  1. If you are struggling with hard-water stains, then the white vinegar will help you. Usually, hard-water stains appear because of a high amount of mineral deposits. The white vinegar has a high content of acetic acid. Therefore, it will help you get rid of hard-water stains. For example, for kitchen counters and hardwood floors, the white vinegar will do miracles.
  2. Are you struggling to clean your microwave? If you want to save time and effort when you clean your microwave, with a bowl of water and lemon juice you are done. The lemon is an excellent grease and stain remover.
  3. You can clean your stainless steel sink with some baking soda. When you have a stainless steel sink in your kitchen, it is very difficult to keep it sparkly and clean. It does not matter how hard you try, in time it will look a bit dingy. If you want to keep it like new, then you use baking soda. It will remove the hard-water deposits and grease marks with minimum effort. How cool is that?
  4. How many times have you tried to clean the stubborn kitchen oil stains? Infinite times, correct? Now the problem can be resolved very easy with some mineral oil. If you notice that after wiping the greasy surface, the stains do not disappear, try to add some baking soda and then continue scrubbing. Once the stains are removed, you just need to wipe the extra oil with a paper towel and the problem is solved.
  5. Keep your headlights clean and sparkling with a little toothpaste. It is normal that in time your car headlights become dusty and foggy. When you are a responsible driver, it is important to keep your headlights clean. If you want to make them look like new again, then the toothpaste is going to help you a lot. It is an excellent abrasive plastic polish and it will help you remove the dirt from your headlights.
  6. The black tea is excellent not only for your health but also to keep your mirror clean. Even though the market is full of products that promise to keep your mirror without spots and very clean, most of the times their performance is not at a high standard. One good alternative is to prepare a cup of black tea and clean your bathroom mirror with an old newspaper or a lint-free cloth. The black tea contains tannic acid that is an excellent cleaning agent. You can now forget about finger and water marks that are difficult to clean.
  7. Is your drain clogged and none of the solutions you know did not work? Forget about the chemicals you use when you want to unclog your drain. With some baking soda and vinegar, you will obtain excellent results. Next time your drain clogs, you do not need to call your plumber to help you. Use the combination of these 2 ingredients and you will save a lot of time and money.
  8. 8. The bathtub is another place from our home that needs a special attention. Most of the times, when we try to clean it, it becomes a dreaded task. All the beauty products we use during bathing time create a lot of dirt on the bathtub. Therefore, in order to make your life easier, you can try a grapefruit and salt. The acid from the grapefruit will help you remove the grease, while the salt particles will act as a scrubber.
  9. When your kitchen knife becomes rusty, you do need to throw it to the garbage. The aluminum foil will clean the rust very easy. It will not scratch the metal’s surface, but it will remove instead of the rust from your device. You can also use it for rusty bathroom rods or any other tools made of iron or steel. Moreover, this is a very low-cost method that delivers excellent results.
  10. When we cook, it is inevitable that our pans become greasy. Even though the dishes we prepare are delicious, when we have to clean the grease, everything becomes a nightmare. If you did not know yet, there is a solution for this problem. You can use a lemon that due to its acidic nature will remove the grease almost instantly. What is more, the lemon has a great smell and it will refresh your kitchen while you use it.

In conclusion, applying these cleaning hacks can make cleaning your home can be less time-consuming. Even though it is hard to believe, with these simple cleaning hacks, cleaning your home can become an easy and enjoyable procedure. What is more, your kids can help you while cleaning the home as these solutions are very easy and less dangerous.

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