How to Get Back On Track for Healthier Living

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Every new day is a chance to start over and be the person you’ve always imagined yourself being. Perhaps your goal has been — and still is — to maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying active and fit but you can’t seem to make it stick. If you’ve been having trouble maintaining a healthy living plan, don’t fall into the trap of an all-or-nothing approach. Even a little bit at a time is better than nothing at all. Or, if you’re ready to kick it into high gear, that’s okay too. Either way, you might just need some new perspective. Consider these tips to help you get back on track.

Re-evaluate your original plan

If you have slacked off on your workout efforts, chances are your original plan didn’t work for you. Now is the time to come up with a new plan of action and reaffirm your goal to make it a permanent behavior. More often than not, people get bored with their workout routine, which ultimately leads to inaction. Also, doing the same routine over and over puts a halt on your results because once your muscles get accustomed to the same routine, they no longer stretch, strengthen, or grow. Be proactive in keeping your workouts fun and always be open to trying something new.

Switch things up a bit and take your workouts outside of the gym. Sign up to attend a hip hop dance-inspired workout class or join a local running club. There are plenty of different avenues to stay active without the risk of getting bored. If you feel like accountability is an issue, hire a personal trainer to help you reach your goals or start working out with a friend. Working out with friends not only holds you accountable, it also provides the time to catch up with each other’s lives.

Eat a healthy diet

Working out without eating a nutritious diet will yield little to no results. If you are looking for a serious change in your physical appearance, then start in the kitchen, not the gym. What you put into your body has a direct effect on your body’s ability to perform and function at its best so it is important to maintain a healthy diet. Many people fall victim to poor dietary choices during lunch at work. With potluck celebrations and takeout right at your fingertips, it’s no wonder you strayed off the course.

Instead of leaving the opportunity to overindulge open, start packing your lunch for work every night before bed. Fill your lunch box with healthy snacks like fruits or Greek yogurt and granola, and make sure you pack a lean protein with plenty of vegetables. If you want to get serious about your fitness goals, then you have to set yourself up for success by planning ahead. Eliminate all junk food and sugar-laden treats from your diet as well as processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol. As you begin to develop healthier eating habits, your body will begin to transform positively right before your eyes. You’ll sleep better, your skin will glow. You’ll probably even notice a change in your oral health, as eating fewer processed foods and sugar can make your teeth and gums happier.

If you’re a senior, make sure to take advantage of your insurance. Many Medicare Advantage plans offer access to nutrition services. Consulting a nutritionist can be just what you need to get back to eating healthy.

Keep the benefits of healthy living in mind

Although working out is great for you physically, you will also benefit from it mentally. If you had a habit of drinking too much in the past, or if you have battled alcoholism, working out and eating healthy will help you stay on track on your road to recovery. As your body grows stronger, your confidence will get a boost as well! Exercising releases endorphins which enhance your mood while reducing stress. If ever you feel yourself making excuses to not stay on top of your fitness goals, remind yourself of these benefits and push forward. You will never regret it!
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