How To Help Your Baby Overcome The Fear Of Bath

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How To Help Your Baby Overcome The Fear Of Bath

Your kid has loved baths until recently when he or she started to literally hate bath time. Even though for you this fear is irrational and inexplicable, it is impossible to talk to a baby about rationality.

Then what should be done in this case? What could have caused your kid to develop such fear of water?

First, you need to calm down as you are definitely not the only parent who has to deal with this. This sudden fear of taking a bath is something very common. It is considered by doctors as a simple peculiarity of childhood. Many parents do not find the cause of this change of behavior. It usually comes from some changes in the family routine or a new awareness developed by the child in his or her environment.

Ways To Make Your Baby Enjoy The Bath Time

The good news in this entire situation is that your baby will become confident in time and this problem will disappear. He or she will start loving again the baths and will be excited about it. Moreover, your support is also very for your child during this period.

In order to help your kid enjoy bath time again, you can try these helpful tips. The parents who have tried them were able to see their kids splashing the water happily again very soon.

    • Attract him or her with a toy. Either you use his or hers favorite toy or you buy a new one, this is a trick that can bring results. It is very easy to attract like this. Once you filled the bathtub with water and added the toys, bring your child next to the tub and encourage him or her play with the toys.
    • Enjoy the bath together. In many cases your kid continues to play with the toys but refuses to get into the tub. What is to be done in this situation? You can ask your partner hold the baby a bit and get yourself in the tub. You can start playing with the toys and show your happiness about this new activity. Show your kid that having a bath is fun and make him or her curious. Moreover, this is a good way to show your kid that the bathtub and water are safe. When he or she will see you playing with water and have all the fun, most definitely will want to join the fun.

  • Spoil him or her with massage. It is important to offer your kid a session of massage regularly in order to relax his or her muscles. If you know that he or she likes massages, then you can apply this technique during bath time. Like this, your child will relax more and forget about the fear that kept her or him away from water.
  • Transform bath time into a “ritual”. Try to give a special attention to bath time. Make your kid feel that bath is part of the “going to sleep ritual”. He or she will get a relaxing massage after the bath and then a very nice story. This is an offer that kids definitely cannot resist. In the first attempts, it may be that the child will continue to dislike bath. As soon as he or she realizes that bath is followed by a nice ritual, the bath phobia will soon disappear.
  • Try a new bath tub. It may be that your child is simply bored with the bathtub that he or she is using right now. Another possible explanation could be that he or she sees the bathtub as being too big and dangerous. Therefore, it is better to buy a new and smaller one. You will see how fast your child will begin gradually to be more confident during the bath time every night.To put everything in a nutshell, the fear of bath time is something temporary. You can help your child overcome this fear as long as you are patient. After all, when you become a parent, patience becomes an ability that is absolutely necessary for helping the child’s development. Therefore, it should not be difficult for you to have patience also during this period. 

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