How to BabyProof Your Home?

Baby Proof Home

What will your baby do as soon as he or she is able to crawl / walk / climb?

It is not so difficult to answer this question. Of course, he or she will be extremely curious to explore all the other rooms of the house. This is why it is very important to baby proof your home as soon as you see that this period is starting. You need to make sure that whatever your baby will open, pull or play with something, it will not hurt him. Therefore, schedule one weekend where you will be dealing with securing your home and offer your child the safest environment possible.

How To BabyProof Your Home

Even though the first steps are exciting and memorable, it is also a very challenging period for the child’s safety. In comparison to adults, a child is not able to make the difference between safe and dangerous objects and activities. Thus, it is your responsibility to prepare the home to be as safe as possible. Follow the steps below that will help prevent many unfortunate accidents from happening.

  • Cover the electrical outlets. You can buy protective coverings for all the electrical outlets from your house. They will prevent your kid from sticking objects or even his or her fingers in the outlet.
  • Place chemicals and cleaning products on a higher shelf. Kids are attracted by bottles and other recipients. Cleaning products also smell nice which may also attract the kids. However, the chemicals are extremely dangerous for kids especially because they have the tendency to eat everything they find. Therefore, it is obligatory to put dangerous solutions on higher shelves where your kids will not be able to reach them. You can also buy child-proof caps to make sure that he or she will not be able to open the bottles.
  • Just like chemicals, medicines are also very dangerous for kids. This is why you need to keep them away from their reach. Even natural products should be kept away on higher shelves. The kid’s body is different than the adult’s and even though the products are made from plants and are 100% safe, it would be better to keep these away from their area of action. You can also use child-proof caps for the bottles.
  • Anchor any large furniture. When they start walking, kids tend to support themselves onto the furniture or even climb on it. Therefore, any large desks, tables or furniture items should be anchored down the floor. You can use an anchor strap and so avoid any tragedy while the kid is using it to keep balance.
  • Safety actions for pools. If you have a pool in your yard, then you should definitely keep your kid under supervision when he or she is going out. Even though you are very vigilant and follow your kid everywhere, one single second of not paying attention can become a tragedy. Therefore, it would be better to use a pool cover every time you are not using the pool.
  • Install fences and gates outside. When you start going with your kid outside and let him or her play in the yard, it is better to have your garden fenced. You prevent, therefore, your child from going on the street or running off in your neighbors’ yards.
  • Use baby gates. One efficient solution to keep your kid safe in a room would be using baby gates. You can use them at doorways that lead to basements, attics, stairs or other places in your home that you would not want your child to enter. Make your own research and choose the baby gates that meet your house requirements and are sturdy enough to keep your child safe.

Keep also in mind that kids are very smart and they will always find ways to “evade”. This is why it should be better to anticipate their moves and keep them safe by removing any dangerous items from their reach.

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