How To Keep Your Baby Safe At Home

How To Keep Your Baby Safe At Home

Having a child at home can be a task, to say the least. Every room has one hazard or another. From hot ovens in the kitchen to running taps in the bathroom, as a parent, you have to watch your little one non-stop. From the ages of when they begin crawling to when they start school parenting can be a non-stop job. To make your life easier as a parent and their life safer, there are many ways you can make your home a safe place for them to grow in.

Install Locks and Safety Catches

Installing locks and safety catches at home is a must. They are inexpensive to buy, and you will find you need them. When your baby starts to crawl they will learn to open doors, cupboards and even the fridge. Safety locks and catches are designed to be easy for adults and challenging for children. Even installing them on your chest of drawers in the bedroom will save you a lot of time folding and putting away clothes! Additionally, they make the house safer. Cleaning products under the sink knives in the drawer and delicate china in the kitchen won’t be reachable giving you the parent peace of mind.

Move Everything Out Of Reach!

As your little one begins to move around for you will find yourself putting everything up high out of reach. You will soon realize that everything will have a new home above floor level. To make life easier install shelving units higher up to store books, ornaments, candles and other items which can be found around the home. You will need to hide wires and leads which could be a hazard. As a parent with a toddler, you will soon begin to understand the task at hand of making your home baby safe! EVERYTHING will be a hazard so moving EVERYTHING out of reach is a good idea!

Glue Padding To Sharp Corners

If your baby has a fall, then be assured it will be bang in the middle of a corner of a table or a doorway! Children never fall over onto something soft. To avoid bleeding noses and trips to A and E then install foam padding onto the corners of the tables and to any sharp corners in your home. You can buy padding specifically for this use. Additionally, door stoppers are a good idea. These will stop your child from shutting their hand in the door.

Screw Everything to the Wall!

There have been many accidents happen which are down to the furniture. Screw items that include bookcases, cabinets and heavy items of furniture. Your little one will have a tendency to pull themselves up using furniture. They will climb and push their way up and around. If you have furniture that could seem like a hazard then screw it to the wall. This is an easy way to prevent serious accidents. You should secure everything you can to the wall, the ceiling or the floor.

Invest In Baby Gates

Last but not least, invest in baby gates. These are made so you can install them in doorways or openings. These will stop your child from entering a space and keep them confined to another. You can use them on stairs, in rooms and even outside doors. They are designed so that adults can easily open them, but your toddler will find this task difficult. They are also perfect for creating a playroom which your little one can’t escape from and can play safely in.

Traditional uses for baby gates are using them on balcony doors, bathroom doors and kitchen doors. This way you can feel safe knowing your child is playing in safety while you grab a shower, do the washing or finish up that important email for work. Baby gates come in many sizes and styles. Selecting which one is right for your home can be a daunting task.

Making your home baby safe will prove to be a sometimes hilarious but important task. Make your life easier and make parenting an easy job when making use of baby gates, safety catches and plenty of screws!

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