19 Key Differences Between Real And Fake Friends

Real Friends Vs Fake Friends

Friendship is an important part of our life. It’s just as God gifted as love. That being said, all friends aren’t equal. Some of them will stand by the side of you in the time of hardship while some of them will show you their back when you really need them. So it is important to know the friends you have are real friends or fake friends. Before you trust your friends, you need to know if your friends are really trustworthy or not. Figuring this out early will save you a lot of trouble.

How To Find If Your Friends Are Real Friends Or Fake Friends

Following are the key differences between real friends and fake friends:

1. Real Friends Help You in all Your Efforts

real friends always help you

A real friend will help you with anything good that you are trying to achieve. No matter what you try such as understanding a study topic or finding the love of your life, a true friend will always be there to help you out.

As long as you try something good, real friends will do everything possible to support you while fake friends may just ignore your efforts and do nothing to help you. Some friends may help you out and may ask for a favor in return immediately. That is not a good sign, and there is every chance, those friends are fake friends, But don’t give importance to the instances when your friends do not help you just because what you are trying to do is has no importance.

2. Real Friends Love Your Nerdy Activities


Every person has a nerd in him or her. Your real friends will love your nerdy personality and doings. They will take as much fun as you take yourself in doing those things. They may even join you in your nerdy activities!

If it is really that much horrible, they will at least tolerate it with a smile on their face.

3. Real Friends Forgive you for Your Mistakes

Real Friends Forgive you for Your Mistakes

In the course of life, we all make mistakes. True friends will forgive you for your mistakes and help you correct them. Fake friends will just leave you if you make a single blunder with them. They will see your mistake bigger than the friendship.

A single mistake should never cost the friendship, but fake friends will not forgive you and end the friendship or play neutral, meaning he or she has not forgiven you.

4. Real Pals Always Back You Up

Real friends will always back you up. No matter what the issue is, who is your counterpart, they won’t care, and they stand by your side. They will just be there to see you through the hardship or trouble you are facing.

That’s what a real friend does with no question asked. Fake friends show excuses when you need support.

5. Fake Friends Will Give No Importance to Your Interests

As we grow old, our surroundings change, we develop new interests through many of us feel frightened to try the new interests. You will be able to share your attractions or interests with your real friends easily.

Real buddies will help you explore it or encourage you to walk through it no matter how weird it may seem. On the other hand, fake friends will just make fun of you if the interest doesn’t go with their interests. In another way, you will always have many common interests with your real best friends.

6. Real Friends Know your Oddities

Everyone has some oddities in them. Those come to light when a particular situation happens such as you get flirtatious when you drink too much, or you love to eat as much dinner rolls as possible when you are in a dinner with your friends.

You won’t feel shy expressing your oddities in front of your real friends as you will know for sure that they will take everything usually.

7. They are Always in Touch with you

Real friends are always interested in you and your life. They like to know what you are doing, what you are planning and whatever tiny detail is making you move. So, they will always try to be in touch with you. You can open your heart to them.

real friends are in touch

Fake friends will only call you or get in touch with you when they would want to know some spicy gossip or they need some help from you. They will contact you only when they need help or something.

8.  True Friends Keep Your Secrets Safe

When you hang out with people, work together or do any other thing, they get to know your little secrets at times. Or you may need to tell them your secrets to unload your heart. It always feels good to share things with friends, but sometimes it can be the cause of future harm if your friends are fake. You may have done something wrong and want to get out of it, and your real friends will help you get out of there and keep your secret safe.

secret safe with me

Your real friends will keep your secret safe, and they will not gossip about it around the neighborhood or your stomping ground. In fact, a true friend values his/her friend’s secret facts and doesn’t share it with anyone.

9. Fakes Friends Will Lie With You


Real friends will always tell you the truth whether it hurts you or not. They would always have best wishes for you. So, they won’t conceal any information that causes you deep harm in the long run. They will also encourage you positively so that you can correct yourself and be the best version of you. But real friends can lie sometimes when it’s okay to lie.

10. No need to impress real friends

You will not need to impress your real friends. They will like the real you no matter how geeky, or weirdly you look or behave. For example, while you are going for hanging out with your real friends, you won’t need to care about what you put on or how you look. If you are in your worst look, they might tease you a bit, but that won’t change their view towards you.

At the same situation, fake friends might get agitated and may decline to go out with you until you change your look the way they like. You don’t have to agree on everything with your real friends.

11. Real Friends will Always Have Time for You

It’s a typical human psychology that you will always make time for people who are really important in your life no matter how busy you are with your daily affairs. The same applies to your true friends. If they are for real, they will always have time for you when you call for a drink together or simply want to spend some time together.

12. Silence and Conversation

Silence and Conversation

With real friends, you will be able to talk freely and on any topic that suits your mood. When you aren’t in a mood, you won’t even have to say a word, and your real friend will understand it. With fake friends, the silence will always seem awkward, and you will have to find a topic to fill up the conversation.

13. It’s about Trust

A big marker that can define your friendship with someone is how the friend behaves when you are in your bad or a good time. If you are sad, a real friend will give you a hug and hear to your jabber or moan all night if you really have a mood for it to do that. In a time of your joy, they will be as happier as you are and they will consider your success as their success.

14. A Real Friend Will Make You Feel Special

True friends want you to be happy. So, when you achieve something, they will feel happy and give you kudos for your success. They will do wired things to make you feel special. They will never to wish in your birthdays. They won’t ever forget about the special memories they had with you. When you help your friends, they will not forget to give you due credit for your help.

15. Fake Friends Will Forget You When You Are Away

We all move from a place to another for our life. A fake friend will easily forget you and all the memories with you. When you and that friend are in the same town again, he or she may act like friends, but you already know you don’t mean a lot to him or her.

16. Fake Friends May Feel Envious When You Succeed

A real friend will always want you to succeed. Your success will always be his or her success. He or she will love to celebrate your success with you. On the other hand, a fake friend may not feel the same way.

17. A Fake Friend Will Always Judge You

When you have to explain every simple detail to your friend, you have a fake friend.

18. Fake Friends Never Feel Comfortable Telling your Their Secrets

If you know absolutely no secret about your best friend, he or she must be hiding a lot about him or her from you. You should be aware of small tiny details of your real friend. If that is not true in your case, your friend must not feel comfortable telling you his or her secrets, meaning he or she has trust issues.

19. Fake Friends Will Show NO Interest About Your Family

Fake friends will almost never show interest about your family. They may not show enough sympathy during the unexpected bad situations in your family like the health condition of your parents or siblings.


It’s important to identify who are fake friends. If you don’t, your friends can turn your biggest enemies, and they are toughest to beat as they will know all your secrets and weaknesses.


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