How to Kick Start your Toddler’s Early Learning Process

Toddler’s Early Learning Process

We live in a century of technologies, don’t we? No wonder, the era of the hi-tech development requires a high level of education. So, education tends to be more and more important. It’s true; parents always want a better life for their kids. That’s why they start worrying about the learning process of their newborn children from the very beginning.

When it comes to toddlers’ education, it is all about the learning process during the first two years of the life. It might be hard to imagine, how toddler’s early education is important for the rest of the life.

During the first two years of life, toddlers learn, who they are. Also, they get an understanding, what makes them different from the other kids.  You can be sure, all the things, which toddlers learn during the first two-year, will unconsciously use in future.

If you want to know about activities, which will make your toddler’s early learning process most effective and enjoyable, keep reading.

Here are some of the best ways to make sure your toddler learns everything perfectly and smoothly:

1. Let Your Toddler Sleep Peacefully

Good sleep is the recipe of success for everybody. It is the process, which allows our brains to take rest and tune into the learning process. It is the same for your little kid. Keep in mind that kids need to sleep more than you. Even though you need 6-8 hours of sleep, your kids should sleep about 12 or even 14 hours per day. Consider two naps per day as a compulsory part of your kid’s daily schedule. You should make your child abide the daily schedule even if he or she does not want to. Attract your child to his/her bed with his or her favorite toys or, in a pinch fairytale or lullaby should work out. Remember that you should prepare a comfortable toddler bed for your child. Take care of your toddler’s daily sleep if you go outside the house. Do not forget to take at least a mat for your toddler’s rest.

2. Feed Your Toddler Healthy Food

 “We are what we eat.” – This phrase becomes more and more popular nowadays. The quality of food is important for every person. It means that the quality of the food is twice more important for infants and toddlers. As soon as you stop feeding your toddler with breast milk, you should learn, how to cook dishes for your kid. A toddler’s stomach can’t accept any food you can offer, that is why you should care about it. You should pay attention to the way you cook and what you cook. Try to use only fresh, baby friendly food, which is simple for the stomach to prevent any allergic reaction or health problems. Don’t forget about food decoration, which your toddler will appreciate. It would be great if you take care of the cooking process together. Start from the easiest dishes like sandwich or cake decoration. Use your creativity and enjoy the cooking!

3. Make your Toddler’s Bathtime Enjoyable

Teach your child how to use the bathroom in a playing form. Keep in mind, that your baby must take a bath a day or maybe even more often if needed. If your baby does not like plain bathing, get a soap foam to amaze your toddler. The bathing process can be wonderful if you start from a fairytale or a legend. Maybe use a baby bath tub to bath your baby. Try your best for the sake of enjoyment. If you put your child’s favorite floating toys into the bath, the bathing process will pass quickly.

4. Encourage The First Words

If you want to toddler to start speaking as soon as possible, talk with him or her as often as possible. Although your baby does not answer you anything, talk a lot about simple things. Talk with your child as if he or she understands every single word. Try to make him or her repeat after you. When you see that your toddler is starting to pronounce the first words, try to understand him or her. Let your child pronounce this word his/her way. Encourage your toddler to talk; it’s amazing for him/her. You can only correct your child when he or will start speaking fluently. However, you should not be too strict. It would be great to remember the first word of your kid. He or she might ask you about it in the future! Teaching your toddler to can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

5. Support the first steps

Your baby should feel safe and secure when starting to walk. The best time to start teaching your kid to walk is nine months and up. Maybe hold his or her hands and encourage him or her to walk. You can use baby walkers to support as well. Anyway, you should not leave your kid alone. Parents’ support is the most precious thing your toddler can feel. Ensure your baby that you believe in his or her first step.

6. Play effectively

 Remember, that playing is a necessary process for every child. The current game of your toddler is getting-to-know his/her environment. You bet, you will win your baby in that game, but most probably you will lose. Toddlers usually are more attentive to everything around them than adults. They can enjoy every single detail around them, and it is the part of the game.  You might be surprised, but every serious knowledge from your childhood should come from playing. This is the only way your toddler can keep interest. Serious things are not important for him/her, and you have to remember that. There are so many things you can add to your kid’s playground. Although, when it comes to toddlers, parents recommend to get a baby jumper as the first playground complex. It is good to get the best playground for your toddler, but don’t forget to play with your son or daughter all the time.

7. Sing loudly

Keep in mind that talking to your toddler is good, but singing is the best. Singing can show the full variety of sounds of any language. Moreover, singing together will cheer up both of you. Help your toddler to choose a simple song, which he or she likes the most. Simply turn on different melodies and watch the reaction of your baby. Choose the most popular song of your child and try to perform it together. In case you have some musical instruments at home, show the variety of sounds to your toddler. Teach him or her to play some simple melodies. It would be a great start for future musicians.

8. Introduce organization process.

Do you think, that organizing skills are important for everyone? If you agree, you will certainly want you, child, to acquire them. You don’t have to wait for teaching this skill, but you can start any time. Show your toddler, how every event works from inside. Encourage your son or daughter to take part in preparation for your family event. Ask him or her for help, when you arrange the table or taking photos. Do shopping together. When you see, that your child can manage small things, increase the level of the challenge. How can you do that? For example, ask your kid to organize his or her party, but of course, your help will be necessary.

9. Develop creativity and imagination.

Creativity and imagination are important qualities in all the aspects of humans’ lives. Life without creativity might make people boring and indifferent. If you want your children to live happy and colorful life, you should develop their imagination. You could ask, how you could develop the creativity of your toddler. Believe me; it is the easiest thing to do during the childhood. Kids are creative by their nature, and you only need to support their aspiration for creativity. The easiest way to improve your child’s imagination is to show drawing process. Your toddler can use different colors and shapes to express the reality and his/her feelings. In addition to fine art, use different types of materials for improving the creative thinking. For instance, you ask your toddler to combine tissues with glue. If you have a son, give a construction kit for him as a toy. If your child learns, how to be creative and original from childhood, it will be obvious to him or her during the rest of the life.

These are basic ways to enjoy your time with your toddler and let him or her learn important things one by one. As a parent, you may be very anxious about the mental, verbal and physical developments of your kid, but if you do not take these actions, you will always regret. So, read this article again and apply these tips to help your toddler kick-start his or her early learning process.

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