8 Little Ways to Make Marriage Even Stronger

make marriage even stronger

So, you have found the apple of your eye and feel head over heels.  That is all nice, but how long does the high last? Nobody can say for sure. What is certain is that even those who seem to be a match made in heaven can fall at the many hurdles that the life’s journey puts before us.

Thus, it is always a good idea to think about all those small things you can do, ones that make a big difference. After all, marriages, just like relationships, always need to move forward. So, are you ready to go an extra mile and walk the whole nine yards together?

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Eat your way to happiness’ and longevity

Love may sometimes seem elusive, but emotions are rooted in quite tangible realities of our daily life. Wholesome nutrition, for instance, is the key to living a long, happy life. So, consume more fruits and vegetables to get your dose of essential nutrients. Rise and shine invigorated by a healthy breakfast. Keep the energy going throughout the day by preparing a juicy, protein-rich lunch together.

Mesh with each other’s social circles

Many marriages stumble or even fall on one particular obstacle: the spouse does not like his/her friends. Often, this pitfall emerges due to lack of communication, wrong first impression, or simply not spending enough time together with them. So, even if you start off on a wrong foot, make an effort to bond with each other’s circle of friends. There is no going around the fact that our friends constitute an important facet of our life.

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Set the financial house in order together

The daily hustle and bustle can really drain your energy and make you feel you are down in the doldrums. Financial problems only add fuel to the fire and act as major marriage stressors. Therefore, gain a peace of mind by being financially responsible. Create the budget together and reach important financial decisions in the same fashion. At the same time, keep separate accounts for personal play money.

Spend some time alone

Like it or not, married couples need to give each other time alone. A guy’s night out may not be a girl’s cup of tea and that is completely fine. Resist the urge of making your beloved one guilty about going somewhere without you. Also, note that real freedom implies not constantly checking on him or her. Always remember that maintaining separate social lives is the key to a long and healthy relationship.

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Loving touches

The value of open and honest communication is a well-known fact of life. But, what about the physical contact? Well, it could be argued it is just as important as it produces the happiness and feel-good hormones. Holding hands is not exclusive to just fresh couples you know. So, give each other a stress-melting massage while watching a TV show and never seize being physically close.

Fight with dignity

The fights are stepping stones to conflict resolution and being truly honest with each other. Of course, it is crucial to fight fair and square without resorting to playing hardball or using words like “never” and “always”. When emotions are stirred up, we can say things that we do not mean, but a “take it back” code can set thing right in an instant or at least help you get over it faster.

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Surprise, surprise

That unnerving feeling of being stuck and wandering around the stale love ecosystem is the bane of many relationships’ existence. So, how does one escape that sense of knowing every page in the book? You do not have to go to great lengths, just be thoughtful. Surprise each other with chocolate hampers at work or purchasing “just because” gifts. It is time to get your creative juices flowing and enrich the love mix.

Feel the breath of fresh air

The honeymoon phase is idyllic, but after the memories start to wane, newly-married couples can notice that not everything in the garden is rosy. Well, evoking fond memories of early days of dating brings a smile to the face, but one cannot run on an already consumed fuel. Enrich your marriage with new, exciting experiences. It does not get better than discovering new cultures and expanding your horizons by traveling together.

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Step by step

Just like a marriage can die by a thousand little cuts, it can survive by the power of small, everyday steps. There are always ways to improve an already great partnership. Make him/her feel special and breathe new life into the relationship. Start practicing these tips sooner rather than later and put some icing on that cake. Build unbreakable bond to stand the test of time and all the trials and tribulations life chooses to throw at you.


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