The Must Have Safety Equipment For Your Baby

Safety Gates

Having a place where you baby can sleep, play and grow in safely is important. Fortunately, we don’t live in the Stone Age anymore, and products are forever changing and make your life as a parent easier. Your child’s needs are simple, but the transition you make from not being a parent to being a parent can be hard. Things you left before on the floor now need to have a home high up. Bathroom doors now need to be kept locked shut, and you are always worrying about table corners, electric outlets, and the rest! Don’t worry because here are the essentials you need for creating a peaceful space for you and a safe space for your baby.

Must Have Essentials

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a must-have. Whether your child is sleeping in the next room or you are grabbing a shower, a baby monitor can help you feel at peace when doing your tasks. Some even come with a video screen so you can see what your little one is up to.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a must have for any home. Every floor of your house should have one. These are essential because in your sleepless zombie state as a parent you might leave a candle light or the oven on. Don’t forget smoke alarms save lives.

Fire Guards

If you have an open or a closed fire, then a fire guard is a must have. Any electric heater needs to have a guard on it. Little people like to touch things they shouldn’t so take extra caution and install guards to prevent accidents.

Window Locks

Your curious baby will soon start to climb, and they will most likely head for the windows. Locks or catches are perfect and means as a parent you don’t have to worry about your child taking a dive from the second floor.

Wiring Tubes

If you have a lot of wires or cables in your living room from a TV or computer then you can buy foam tubing to stuff them all into. Foam tubing makes it harder for your child to chew or pull them.

Corner Protectors

Corner protectors, are used for corners on furniture. Your baby won’t understand the danger and won’t be able to avoid it, so a few bumps along the way will happen. To prevent a lot of blood, pain and rushing to the hospital invest in a few soft corner protectors.

Door Slam Protectors

Your little one will find entries interesting. They will open them and close them until you want to remove them from their hinges. Door slam protectors protect your child’s fingers and will protect the door as well!

Outlet Covers

Electric sockets are the first place your child will look to stick things into. Get safety covers for them to avoid unwanted electric shocks from happening.

Essentials For The Kitchen

Drawer Locks

Locks on all drawers in the kitchen is a must. From forks and knives, there are a lot of dangerous items which you need to lock away.

Fridge Locks

Fridge and freezer locks isn’t a must but something a lot of parents can’t do without. Unless you want to be picking up frozen peas and fish fingers from the floor then invest in a couple.

Oven Locks

Oven locks are essential. Your little one might accidently turn on the oven and climb inside. If your oven is built in the upper cabinets then don’t worry but if on floor level then take measures to avoid accidents.

Safety Gates

Mesh Gates

Mesh gates are similar to roller blinds. Two attachments are made either side of the door, and then a mesh sheet can be pulled across when needed. You can place these on bathroom and kitchen doors and only use when needed.

Spring Mounted Gates

Spring mounted gates are useful if you want to move them from room to room. They also come in a travel model so you can take them with you on holiday.

Permanent Gates

These types of safety gates are ideal for stairways and rooms that always need a safety gate. These are sturdy and screwed into the wall.

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