How To Prepare Your Home For a Dog

Prepare home for dog

Buying or adopting a dog or a puppy could be the most exciting thing to happen in your family. Your children are probably getting overexcited about the big day, and you are probably getting worried about how to begin getting ready for the new member. You have probably spent days trawling the internet, spare time browsing through pet shops and now the time is here. You can get ready for your dog in one day. There are three simple steps in getting ready. Take the advice from the expert and get it done the easy way.

Step 1 – Involve Your Family and Friends

Involving your family and friends in this new journey is just as important. Send a message to everyone who comes over to your house and let them know of your new member, so they are prepared to when they visit. If you have children, then you need to lay down some house rules. Ask them to give your new pet some space to get used to his new surroundings. Ask them to not overwhelm your new pet. Make a list of commands you are going to stick to when training your dog and ask them to stick to it too. Stick it on the fridge and make sure everyone is clear. In the beginning try to set a routine of dog walking, cleaning, and grooming. This will also help everyone bond with the dog in their own way.

Step 2 – Dog Proof The House

The next job is similar to baby proofing. You need to scan each room from the floor. Try to hide any wires that could be chewed. Remove any dangerous items from the floor and move without of reach of your puppy. Anything breakable needs to be put above dog height and dog gates need to be installed throughout. It is a good idea to have one room just for the dog. This could be any family area that has access to outside. You could choose a spare room or even the kitchen. Think about a room that is easy to clean, one possibly with tiles. In the beginning, they will take the time to understand the importance of going outside to the toilet, so you will have some mess to clear up, to begin with. Make sure anything that you don’t want to be destroyed is moved before your pet comes home. Puppies like to chew!

Step 3 – Hit The Shops For Essentials

The fun part of preparing for your dog is to get the essentials you need. Make a list before you go. You will need a good lead and collar for dog walking. You will need a water bowl, a food bowl and of course, food. Depending on the age of your puppy or dog by two or three sorts to try because your dog might not like some types of food.

Consider buying some blankets and a bed just for your dog. This way he can feel at home and can have somewhere warm and comfy to sleep at night. Buy a dog brush, some dog shampoo and nail clippers so you can take care of your dog. Depending on the size of your new dog you might want to consider getting a portable dog crate so you can take your dog in the car from one place to another. A dog crate at home is a good idea too and will help you train them quicker. Consider all these important items and then wait for your dog to arrive!

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