Remedies for Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy Back Pain

Is your back starting to send you signals but not in a nice way when you are pregnant?

You are not the first and you will definitely not be the last who is experiencing back pains during pregnancy. In fact, it is normal for back pain to appear during this period. You are gaining weight as you come closer to the end of the period. Even though back pain cannot be eliminated completely, there are some remedies that will help you go over the pregnancy period easier.

Good Posture Is Important

As your baby grows and your belly becomes bigger, the center of gravity changes and it moves forward. Therefore, in order to prevent falling forward, you can try some simple posture principles that will help you cope with the back pain:

  • Try to hold your chest high
  • Stay away from locking your knees
  • Stand up straight and tall
  • Relax your shoulders and keep them back

When you sit down it is also important to do it with care. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a comfortable chair that will support your back. You can also use a small pillow and put it behind your back.

Use The Right Shoes

When you are pregnant, high-heels shoes will start to become uncomfortable. Therefore, a pair of shoes with an excellent arch support will become your best friend during pregnancy.

And when we mean low-heel shoes, we do not refer to flats! During pregnancy, your feet will spread also due to hormonal change. Therefore, it might be that the flats will leave your feet and damage the right feet position that can cause further pain to your back and legs.

Sleeping Position

As your belly becomes bigger, the sleeping will also be challenging. Doctors recommend pregnant women to sleep on their side and not on the back. What is more, if you keep both knees bent, you will feel more comfortable. You can also use various pillows that will support your body. You can place them under your abdomen or between the knees in order to lower the back pain.

Massage Helps a Lot

When the back pain becomes unbearable, massage is also a good idea. You can also apply an ice pack or heating pad on your back. Those who have tried this method felt that the pain decreased in intensity and could continue their normal routine afterwards.

Do Not Skip Your Daily Physical Activity

If you want to keep your back strong, physical activity will definitely help. You can discuss with your doctor and trainer who will recommend some gentle activities. For example, walking or water exercises are excellent to prevent intense back pains during pregnancy. Moreover, your trainer can show you a stretching routine that will help relax your muscles and joints.

Complementary Therapies Can Be a Solution

Some researches mention that acupuncture can contribute to releasing back pain. This method is used to remove any blockage that interferes with your body energy. Before you consider stimulating your acupuncture points, it is important to discuss with your therapist and make sure that you will not experience any side effects. As soon you ensure that everything is safe, you can give it a try and benefit from the advantages this method can bring for the entire body.

Consider Wearing a Maternity Belt

In order to lower the tension on your lower back, you can use a maternity belt. It is very easy to buy one, as you will find it almost everywhere, from e-shops to maternity shops. The belt can be considered as a substitute for your abdominal muscles and thus helps you big time in protecting your spine from exaggerate curvature. In combination with other treatments for pregnancy back pain, the maternity belt becomes an excellent complimentary solution during this period.

In conclusion, in order to be able to enjoy as most as possible your pregnancy period, it is important to take into consideration the suitable remedy for your back pain. Prevention is always better than the treatment, therefore it is excellent if you take care of your back from the first trimester. You will need to be prepared to take care of your child once he or she is born, and so you will not need the discomfort of having problems with your back.

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