Save Money in your House by Changing a Few Simple Things

Save Money in your House by Changing a Few Simple Things

Don’t you just really want that beautiful pair of expensive shoes? Maybe you have been saving money for a luxurious cruise? Maybe finances are hard, and you are looking for ways to save on your bills? You can cut down on the money you spend on your monthly bills by just changing a few simple things at home. Sometimes making an initial investment can have a huge impact on the amount you spend overall on electric, water, and heating. Think about making these changes so you can save some extra cash for that much needed holiday or designer pair of shoes!

Buy a new washing machine

One of the first expenses in any home is the washing machine. It uses water and electric and depending on how and when you use your washing machine you could be the culprit of spending more on this luxury than you need to. Think about investing in a washing machine which is classed as an ‘energy saver’ washing machine. You can trade your old one in when buying a new one. Use shorter programs with colder water as well. Always use the washing machine when you have a full load and try to use it less by cutting down on the amount you wash your sheets and clothes.

Use the microwave more

Microwaves are not only there to heat your food. You can cook food quicker in the microwave than you can in the oven. Not all meals can be made this way, but by switching over, you can save a lot of energy. Think about doing boiled potatoes, eggs and even rice in the microwave. The cooking time is cut down by half, and you will save time and money this way.

Change your lightbulbs

Lightbulbs are one of the items in your home that use more energy than you think. We are all guilty of leaving light bulbs on when we don’t need them. Go to your home and throw away all those traditional light bulbs and buy new energy efficient bulbs. They will last longer and use less than a third of energy a regular light bulb does.

Install new windows and doors

Although this expense might seem a lot to you, installing new windows and doors can do great things for your home. Heat will escape through the tiniest gap in your home and when the winter comes around and you have a heating bill to pay this can be frustrating. This initial investment and change in your home will not just put the value of your home up but will save you a lot of money overall when it comes to heating bills.

Buy a new water heater

A water heater uses a lot of electric. Today you can buy energy efficient water heaters that even turn off when on a timer when you are at work or out. If you don’t have the finances to buy a new heater then simply consider lowering the temperature of the water and turn it off when you leave your house.

Remove appliances which use energy

Last but not least think about making some changes in the home which will save you energy and make your feel healthier. Remove things which you don’t use. Remove that extra TV from the bedroom and sell it for some extra cash. Remove that digital clock which you never look at but uses electric. Go to your home and have a look to see what you need, what you like and what you don’t use. Electrical appliances like this use a lot of energy, and if they are in your home, you will be tempted to use them, so remove them.

Saving energy is good for the environment and good for you. Go ahead and get cracking on making these changes and pay less in energy bills. Be aware and be the change you want to see in the world!

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