9 Simple Ways to Build an Unbreakable Bond with Your Child

Bonding with kids

With people working more and more every day, it’s getting extremely difficult to find enough time for ourselves and those most precious to us – our children. Still, that doesn’t mean we should just give up on trying to make the most of whatever is available to us. On the contrary, we should focus on the quality of the time we spend with them, if there’s little or nothing we can do when it comes to quantity.

If we manage to make that time meaningful and productive, we’ll actually strengthen our relationship with our children and that should be the goal each parent strives for, regardless of whether they work or not. The effort and time invested will most certainly pay off, but we really need to know what we’re doing. Here are some ideas that should help you if you wish to create a stronger bond with your child.

Go offline and talk

The first thing you can do is cut down on the time you spend using your computer, tablet or phone and dedicate it to your child. One of the common mistakes parents make is that they simply don’t talk to their children enough, thus failing to find out what’s going on in the lives of their loved ones.

Read to or with them

reading with kids

It’s been widely accepted that reading to children has many benefits, both in terms of their development and your bond with them. What they also appreciate is a cuddle and a goodnight kiss once you’re done the reading. When they grow up, you might want to join them while they’re reading and enjoy spending time together.


You don’t have to be able to play an instrument or dance like a pro to enjoy music. So, why don’t you simply let your hair down and sing and dance to the music you or your child have chosen. That will help you both forget about the problems at work and school and relax, while doing a fun activity.



Cycling is just one of the outdoor activities you can do with your child. Sit down together and plan a route. If you don’t have all the gear, check out what a well-stocked online bike store has to offer and make sure you have everything you need for a safe and comfortable ride.



There aren’t many activities that include getting your hands dirty and making a bit of a mess that children don’t enjoy. Cooking is a great way of both spending some quality time with your child and creating something that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, you’ll be helping them learn a very important skill that’ll come in handy later in life.


If you find a chore that is age-appropriate, your child will most certainly enjoy doing it and start acquiring some great habits. They’ll also have a great sense of pride, since they’ll be doing something for the benefit of the whole family. Finally, they’ll also learn to respect the work their parents do around the house.

Board games

If the weather is bad or you just don’t feel like going out, you can always play a board game with your child. Not only will you be able to help your child develop a competitive spirit, you’ll also be able to have a talk with them. What might also happen is that your child will show some very strong emotions, which will require you to step in and help them find the right way to express them and deal with them.



While you’re supposed to help your child become as independent as soon as possible, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help them and encourage their effort when it comes to homework. That kind of personal attention you’ll be giving them is something every child craves, since they need to be constantly reminded that you’re there for them. Also, you might teach them how to focus on what is important, which is a skill they’ll surely need in college.

One-on-one dates

This is an important tip if you have two or more children, since you shouldn’t spend your entire free time with all of them, but also allocate some time to each child. Take into account their preferences and organize an afternoon out with just one of them, where your child will have a great time and your undivided attention. What is important here is to make sure that each child gets an opportunity to go on a “date” with you, so there’s no jealousy between them.

Creating an unbreakable bond with your child is something you need to be working on from the earliest age and be persistent. Only then will you be able to see great results and feel happy and proud of the job you’ve done.

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