Do Squats Increase the Size of your Bum?

Do Squats Increase the Size of your Bum

Squats have become every girl’s best friend because they have been hailed as having a hand at producing a good looking derriere.

Not everyone, women, in particular, are born with a beautiful looking behind that looks great in swimsuits and pants. However, there is something that can be done about it –squats just so happen to be the solution. The question is, can squats only increase the size of your bum?

Spot Reduction vis-a-vis Spot Gain

You have heard of many women saying that they would like to get rid of the fat around their belly, but don’t want to lose any other part of their body. Which begs the question, does isolated reduction work and in the case of squats will spot gain occur?

First things first, whether it is the bum area or any other area of the body, doing exercises targeting a particular area won’t result in spot reduction.

However, doing some workouts has the effect of enhancing muscles around specific areas. In this case, it would be right to deduce that squats can result in spot gain in combination with other exercises and a healthy diet.

Cardio Matters

Most of us don’t like running, whether on the treadmill or outside, but putting in daily cardio can help with your bum-building prospects.

Cardio workouts help with firming up the butt while also developing the hips and thighs.

Cardio isn’t only about running, but it primarily involves performing exercises that raise the heart rate significantly. Aerobics exercises offer a good cardio workout as well as the currently popular high-intensity interval training workouts.

However, jogging and running are some of the most effective cardio workouts and will get you that fuller and tighter bum you need.

Lift Weights

Let’s start by debunking the myth; lifting weights doesn’t make women bulky, and in fact, lifting weight is known to significantly help with weight loss. With that in mind, lifting weights can actually get you that shapely behind you covet.

Weighted squats offer excellent results in toning up and shaping the butt muscles. Lifting weights also help to develop the thighs and hips, which contribute to a shapely behind.

You don’t have to hit the gym if you aren’t too confident yet; get free weights and use the many butt workouts available online to work out your derriere.

Eat to Build a Bum!

Last but not least, eating healthily will also contribute to creating that bum you want. When it comes to eating for a bum; the focus should be on foods that will give you that desired v-shape body.

The rule of thumb is to include lean meats, vegetables, and fruits in your diet. Of equal importance is to go for wholesome foods.

Lose Weight to Build a Bum

Remember that it all starts with weight loss to achieve your fitness plans. If you are carrying around extra weight, you will want to get rid of it first before focussing on building a desirable behind.

Weight loss can be effectively achieved with a combination of healthy eating and exercise. The key is to lower calories consumed daily, by a healthy amount, to expend more energy. Add in regular workouts to the equation, and you will be burning off more calories enabling you to consistently lose weight.

When starting out with exercise, combine both cardio and strength training workouts to your fitness regime. Once you have lost enough weight, you can then start focussing on toning and add in squats to get the bigger bum you want.

To sum it all up, squats can help you build a shapely and toned bum. However, you have to start with losing weight and combine it with regular exercise as well as healthy eating to get the derriere you want.


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