How to Stay Warm While Cycling This Winter

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With the growing popularity and accessibility of cycling, it is now easier for just anyone to pick up a bike and pedal over to the school, ride to the park, or even commute to work. These days, even the winter’s cold temperatures aren’t a deterrent to hard-core cyclers. However, newbies are often unfamiliar with just how uncomfortable a bike ride, even a short one, can get during the winter without proper measures being taken.

Although cycling in the winter does have its hazardous risks, there are ways to stay warm while riding in the winter and get an enjoyable, comfortable winter cycling experience.

Start off Cold

One of the most common mistakes winter cyclers make is starting off their bike rides a bit too warm and causing their bodies to overheat. Start off your cycling a little cold, after just a few minutes of pedaling, you would have warmed up nicely enough to feel comfortable while riding.

Keep Your Head Warm

The head can be easily forgotten while layering up the body and legs. Studies show that almost 30% of body heat goes out through the head, so you will want to minimize the expanse of head that is exposed during your winter bike rides. If you properly keep your head warm, the rest of your body will be in less danger of freezing, and you can do that by wearing proper headgear like head warmers and ear muffs.

Wear Layered Clothing

Opt for layered clothing to ensure the warmest winter rides. Wearing layered clothing will serve to keep you warmer than one thick outfit, and an added bonus is that with temperature changes, you can properly adjust your clothing to suit your temperature. To properly insulate yourself, you should wear a base layer of moisture absorbent fabric, the second layer of heat retaining fabric, and the third layer of wind/moisture repelling fabric to protect against the cold air and wetness. Although layering is vital for the upper body, it isn’t the best option for the feet and legs. For shoes, use a waterproof shoe over that keeps the cold winds and moisture out.

Shield Your Eyes

Don’t forget to keep your eyes protected from the harsh, cold winds and visually impairing snow. Wear some cycling sunglasses or invest in a helmet that comes with a visor to properly protect your eyes against the cold elements.

Take Breaks

If you are planning a long, strenuous bike ride, try to map out a route that goes by a coffee shop or a diner. A mid-ride break is a perfect way to get warm by indulging in a cup of hot coffee or some snacks. You can also change out of damp clothing and add some extra hot water bottles to keep you warm for the rest of your trip.

To keep your winter cycling most enjoyable, you must take steps to avoid accidents and frost-related afflictions.

Use these five tips to stay warm while cycling in the winter and enjoy the experience. But you are going to need quality a bike for the best cycling experience. If you are a man, you can choose from the best men’s bikes for sale. If you are a woman, you can pick one of the women’s bikes. And you can make your own bike online as well.

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