The Most Extravagant Wedding Hacks & Ideas

Wedding Hacks

One classic wedding can cost you roughly around 20,000 $, which makes it one of the most expensive events in your lifetime. Some weddings can cost way over your child’s college scholarship. However, the good news is that it really doesn’t have to cost you that much at all. You can actually have a 50,000 $ wedding on a 3,000 $ budget. Here are some great wedding hacks to save money while keeping everything on an extravagant level while still staying on the budget.

Limit the Guest List

People tend to stress a lot over guest lists – they are afraid they will offend some distant family members or friends by leaving them out. Invite the number of people you can afford. You can celebrate with people you can’t invite later – they will understand.

Do Your Own Makeup

It is not like it is your first time doing makeup, right? As women, we’ve spent quite a lot of our lives to learn and master what looks good on us. So why waste hundreds of dollars when you can doll yourself up just fine? And if you have a particular look you haven’t tried out in your mind, there are hundreds of detailed YouTube tutorials that can help you. Take time and practice before the big day.

It doesn’t HAVE to be a Limo

Exactly. Limos are beautiful and all, but they are not the only wedding-appropriate car hire option. If you’re an Aussie, there are many cool rentable wedding cars in Sydney for a lot less money than you would spend for a limo. Just imagine showing up in a brand new white Audi r8Spyder, Ferrari California T, Rolls Royce Ghost, BMW 7 Series M – Sport etc.

Rent a Gown

Wedding Gown

Even though you may have dreamt your whole life that you’ll purchase that princess-like wedding dress, let’s face it – they cost a fortune. Plus, you will only wear it once and then shove it in your closet to gather dust. Occasionally you will find it, smile, and shove it back in. The good news is that you don’t really have to buy that fabulous dress – a lot of wedding gown shops are offering you the possibility of renting them. Truly a one of a kind Cinderella experience.

Cut the Flower Bill

wedding flowers

Flowers can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. There are plenty of ways to save money on flowers while still having amazing decorations. First of all, be careful about the types of flowers – on the day of your wedding send someone to your local flower market to pick up a bunch of cheap but beautiful blooms such as daffodils or gypsophila. Also, use flowers that are in season and skip the boutonnieres – nobody actually remembers those.

Finally, consider decorating the venue with candles, tea lights, tapers, and pillar candles. They look beautiful, and they enhance any venue instantly with their glow.

Wedding Venue

The first of many wedding hacks about the wedding venue is avoiding Saturday. In summer, most weddings take place on that day, so, of course, it costs a lot. Break the wedding rules and start looking at winter weekdays – the price difference is huge. It may be awkward for some, but come on, they can take a day off, right?

The second wedding hack is the location itself. Instead of choosing a traditional venue such as banquet hall or a country club, opt for a modern and way cooler urban location that will, aside from being much more fun, save you a lot of money. Some of the options are art galleries, city gardens, restaurants, rooftops, yachts, etc.


Professional musicians, as well as DJs, can be painfully expensive. Instead, hire a student musician or a family member that would be happy to play some tracks at your wedding and save you a lot of money.


Paper invitations were soooo last season. Jokes aside, there is a way you can actually save approximately 700 dollars. Luckily, everyone now has computer, smartphone, e-mail and internet access. So why wouldn’t you send all your friends and family members a cute video invitation? If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can also set up your wedding website where your guests can get all the necessary information by using a code you’ve sent them in the e-mail.

wedding tips

Finally, remember – wedding is about you and the person you love, not about impressing anyone. You have nothing to prove. So, keep these wedding hacks in your mind when you plan your wedding.

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