17 Things To Do Not To Feel Like I Want To Die

never again feel like I want to die

Life is precious. But it can be very challenging for some people (might be you). It’s like an adventure where you go through many tough periods. If you simply quit in a tough stage in your life, you are going to be just a loser. You can feel lonely, depressed, and helpless in life but there are always ways you can solve your problems. There is no point feeling like I want to die as there are endless opportunities for you to start loving your life. At some points, due to depression, failure or unbearable hardship, many suicidal thoughts can creep into your mind. Before you do anything reckless, following are some very useful things you can do to love yourself and your life:

1. Think About Your Achievements And Proud Moments In Life


There is hardly anybody who never had a moment of success in his or her life. Think about a moment when you were recognized for your work. It might be in sports, it might be the moment you were able to help someone with something, it might be your unique ability to do something. It might be an academic success. You may be always good at math, physics, a language or any other subject in your school or college. There has to be a subject you always liked and loved. And that’s a success and you can feel proud of your love for that subject. If you can feel this way, you should never feel like I want to die.

2. Have New Friends

find new friends

Maybe your life is miserable for not having any special friend. Maybe you have nobody to share your feelings. You may have had someone like that in the past but you need someone new now. So, try to make new friends and look for ways to start your life afresh. Spend time with your new friends and try to love new things. But make sure you don’t choose wrong people as your new friends. You should know the differences between real and fake friends.

3. Have A New Passion To Start Your Life Afresh

Find a new passion

A passion is something that can always keep you going in life. If you don’t have one already, why don’t you find your passion now? It might be a sport, art, or any skill. Health and fitness can be a good passion of your life. You might want to have the best shape of your body. Go to the gym every day, love your fitness training and see the improvements every day. If it is not too late, you might want to be a professional football player, basketball player or any. Education can be your passion. You may just want to be first in the class in every exam. Being the best performer in work can be your passion. You may want to be the central figure in every success in your office or business.

4. Spend Time With Your Family

Family time

The family is always special no matter how big or small your family is. Sometimes, we get too busy with other things that we do not get enough time to spend with loved ones.  In order to feel special, you need to make your family members feel special to you. You need to do things to make them happy in life. You need to look for ways to bring happiness in your family and nothing can make your family happier than spending some quality time with them. If you are a parent, take care of your kids more and go to school sports of your kids, go vacationing with family, help your kids with study and watch TV or movies with them. Spending more time with family will give you 100s of reasons to live and start enjoying your life and not ever feel like “I want to die”. In fact, spending time with family is more important than you may think.

5. Just Travel To Beautiful Places

travel to places

You may want to die because your world is too small. Maybe because you are yet to discover the real beauty of the world. So, why don’t you plan trips to some beautiful places and discover the meaning of living in the world. You may not come as a surprise to you that travel can lower the risks of depression, boost happiness and satisfaction, enhance your creativity, relieve stress, and make your mentally healthier. In fact, there are so many more other benefits of traveling.

6. Identify Some Of Your Bad Habits And Slowly Get Rid Of Them

The reason you may feel like “I want to die” is failures in many things in your life. Maybe you are too stressed. Maybe you have been betrayed by many people. It may be because some special people left you. Maybe you are doing so poorly in your academics or work. It can be anything. So, the best way to deal with it is by identifying the reasons you are not in the right path. You may not be working hard enough. You may have some bad company that makes you do bad things in like.  Some people get frustrated in life just because they do not value the time they have in hand. They waste their valuable time. Maybe you are involved in some kinds of crimes that make you feel gutted all the time. Whatever it is, be strong, be decisive, identify the bad habits and slowly get rid of them one by one.

7. Exercise Regularly To Have A Better Shape


If you want to increase your self-esteem, regular exercise is the best thing you can do and get the best shape of your body. Even if you are successful in any aspect of your life, you can get plenty of compliments for your health and fitness. You will feel good when people will praise your fitness and body shape. More importantly, regular exercise can help you have the best mental condition. Exercising on a regular basis will reduce your risks of various diseases and prepare you for tougher challenges. Studies have found that regular exercise has a strong positive effect on happiness levels of human beings.

8. Read Books By Your Favorite Writers

Read Books

Reading books can be the main source of inspiration in life. Sometimes when your life is too monotonous, find some awesome books known for the story. You can find so many real life stories where people have achieved so much in life even after having absolutely nothing. Maybe you already have a favorite writer. So, read more and more books to find a new meaning of life.

9. Watch Inspirational Movies

watch movies

If reading books is not your things, why not try watching some of the most inspirational movies out there? When you need a single reason to live, watching a movie can sometimes give you plenty.

10. Try Yoga

If you have never tried Yoga, you should. Yoga does magic. So many people have benefited by practicing various types of yoga. Maybe admit yourself into a yoga class around you and be as regular as you can and maybe Yoga will change your life.

11. Be Positive, Stay Positive

I personally believe positive people always have something to live for. Positive people will always try hard and even if they fail they will keep trying someway different. So, always be positive and stay positive to achieve anything rational.

12. Avoid Perfectionism

Nobody is perfect. No matter how much perfection you seek in anything, there will always be something that won’t come out as perfectly as you want. So, trying to be perfect is good but that can’t happen always. So, always be satisfied with what you get after doing the best you can. Maybe next time, you will do better.

13. Celebrate And Reward Yourself

We all have a moment of success in our life. But the problem is we don’t celebrate that much. Celebrating tiny little successes and rewarding yourself can be a good way to stay in line to something big. Every big success comes with multiple small successes.

14. Fall In Love

Falling in love with someone can definitely give you a new life. If you are alone and nobody to care about you, why don’t you try hard to find someone you like, someone who is exactly the person you want in life.  These tips on how to make someone fall in love with you may help.

15. Discover The Power Of Fun

Use your sense of humor whenever you are in a family and friends gathering. Understand how to be happy and other be happy. Don’t make small things big and have fun as much as you can.

16. Challenge Negative Thoughts About Yourself

You may be hearing many negative talks about you from people around you. You may know some are true. But you can always change. Challenge the negative thoughts you have in your mind about you. Maybe that day is not far you won’t feel the same again. You may think something is not possible by you. But maybe you are not right about that. Maybe you are not trying hard enough to be what you want to be.

17. Seek Professional Help

Some people are so depressed and frustrated that they need professional help. Yes, the above-mentioned tips can help but going to professionals for better mental health is always a good option to get back on track and never feel again like I want to die.

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