Tips to Get your Newborn Sleeping Better

Sleeping Baby

Sleepless nights are part and parcel of life with a newborn baby. Babies do sleep a lot, but they often won’t be asleep for that long. The interrupted sleep causes fatigue to parents who find themselves awake through most nights feeding and comforting their little ones.

The reason why babies wake up several times is that they need to feed after every 2 to 4 hours. Initially, it can be overwhelming for new parents, but it is possible to help your kids sleep better.

Establish a Regular Sleep Pattern

It is nearly impossible to determine how long your newborn will be up and how long they will be asleep at first. However, you can slowly train your baby to sleep after every 2 hours and establish a good sleeping pattern.

When your child is awake, make sure that they don’t stay up for more than 2 hours. It might be a bit of a challenge getting them to sleep, but with time they should be able to follow this schedule.

Establishing a sleep pattern also helps you get some chores done around the house because you can tell how long your little one will be asleep.

Distinguish Night and Day

Your young one doesn’t know how to tell night from day. When your baby gets to 2 weeks old start teaching them how to find out when it’s night and when it’s day.

During the day, engage your little one in daytime activities including play. Keep your baby’s room and the house bright during the day. Also, don’t be too mindful of being quiet during the day for the sake of your newborn.

Keep your little one awake while feeding, particularly during the day.

However, at night dim lights and keep noise at a low level. When it’s feeding time at night, don’t engage in play or talk too much to your baby.

Soon enough, your young one will be able to know when it is night and when it is daytime.

Read your Baby

Taking care of a newborn is literally getting acquainted with someone new. It will take time for you to know how your young one reacts to different things. Soon enough, you will be able to read your baby and better respond to their needs.

One of the most important things to learn about your little tot is when they are tired. The signs could involve rubbing their eyes, being fussier than usual or pulling at their ears. Put the young one down to sleep as soon as possible, once you notice any sign of tiredness.

Soon enough you’ll be able to read these signs and resting will be easier for your child as well as for you.

Teach them How to Self-Calm

One of the other important things to teach your young tot is how to self-calm. Self-calming is critical in helping a young baby fall asleep without needing to be cradled or held.

Put your child in their bassinet when they are still awake but feeling sleepy. Cradling babies gets them used to it as a sleep routine, and they will expect the same throughout. Fostering self-calming methods early enough will help your child sleep better later on.

Have a Bedtime Routine

To further teach your little one how to know that it is nighttime; establish a bedtime routine.

It can be something simple like changing for bed or singing them a lullaby; kids pick up on habits and adjust to them. Make your presence known by kissing them goodnight so that they settle down to sleep.

With these easy tips, your newborn should be able to develop a determined sleep pattern. They will also be able to know when it is night and soon enough sleep longer at night.

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