Tips to Help your Toddler Develop their Motor Skills

Baby trying to wlak

Once little tots start hitting those milestones, it is a proud moment for every parent. It then gives parents a rush to see their kids go through milestones, or even beat them earlier than expected. In as much as kids develop at their pace; you can help give your toddler a boost in reaching some of their milestones.

Little ones become independent once they develop and master their motor skills. In short, when your child learns how to use their hands and legs they will be able to do more things on their own.

Here are tips on how to help your toddler develop their motor skills.

Clap their Hands

The simplest and one of the most effective ways to help your tot develop their motor skills is by teaching them how to clap their hands.

Clapping is something that happens naturally, and you can teach your child how to clap. Hold their hands and make them clap to teach them how to do it. Make it fun and exciting by playing singing and clapping games.

When out at events with your little one, have them clap along when others are applauding. While at home, have them clap when in a happy mood or when they do something good.

Stacking Blocks

It is never too early to get your toddler building blocks. It is one of the things that helps them learn hand-eye coordination as well as build their motor skills.

It is best to get the large sized blocks for younger kids and teach them how to stack the blocks up.

Initially, younger children will pick up the blocks which are more than enough in helping build their wrist movements. However, as your baby goes into toddlerhood encourage them to stack blocks up. Stacking up blocks involves planning actions as well as wrist sorting and hand movements.

Pinching and Poking

Toddlers love to pinch and poke at things, which is also a good way to encourage them to develop their motor skills. Get them some modeling clay/ play dough to play with to help with building their motor skills through pinching.

It is crucial to get nontoxic, sweet smelling and edible play dough because at younger ages kids will put anything in their mouth. Children tend to be attracted to sweet smells as well. Help them use the modeling clay to mold shapes and make different objects.

Playing with modeling clay is also one of the earliest forms of creative entertainment that will help keep your little one occupied.


Engage in crafts with your young one to help them build their motor skills. Get some edible finger paints and have your child paint up their fingers.

For older toddlers above 18 months, you could create collages with them and have them paste things. Older kids can also cut shapes out using safety scissors.

Puzzles are also an excellent choice when it comes to helping your toddler develop hand-eye coordination skills.

Early-Learning Aids

Most parents will get their kids aids such as a baby walker or a high chair. It is wise to make sure that these aids come bundled up with activities and play tools geared towards helping your child develop their motor skills.

For baby walkers, get one that helps your child stand up and push the walker around as opposed to one that has your child sitting for prolonged periods of the time.

Bottom line, you can help your little one develop their motor skills as soon as they start crawling and making their way up the stairs. With developed motor skills, your child will become more independent and reach milestones such as crawling and walking faster.

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