5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Functional


No matter if you hate cooking or are the best chef in your street, everyone needs a practical and functional kitchen in their home, especially if you have a big family and a few hungry children running around all day long, looking for snacks and food. And the problem with modern homes is that the kitchens are usually given the smallest amount of space, so they’re limited to only a couple of square feet. Therefore, you need to find a way to make it more functional and provide yourself some more space, and if you too are struggling with this problem at the moment, here are five suggestions that might help you reach a solution.


Replace the cabinets

Replacing old oversized cabinets with new, smaller and more elegant ones is the first step towards functionality and sustainability in your kitchen. Let’s face it, we all have a ton of unnecessary things everywhere in our kitchen, from pots and pans to old spice racks and cooking utilities we don’t use any more, taking over our free space. That’s why you need to declutter everything first, throw away what you don’t need, and only then install smaller cabinets that are going to give you more maneuvering space in the kitchen.

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Install a countertop

Not having enough space for slicing your veggies, preparing your meat and serving your Sunday roast is another problem lots of people are facing nowadays, but there’s a simple solution that can solve all of them – a proper countertop. Yes, it may seem huge at first, but just imagine all the space you’re going to get! Additionally, you can use the countertop as a place for your small appliances, making sure they’re always nearby while you’re cooking.

Freeze more efficiently

Speaking of appliances, you might also want to consider purchasing a few pieces that will make your everyday life a lot easier. One of these is a new freezer that stores more items and keeps them cool and healthy for a longer time, so you don’t have to worry about your ingredients before you start cooking. Having a few extra features is also good, which is why more and more people look into reliable Electrolux freezers that come with an ice maker, an instant defrost system and a customizable organization system that everyone will appreciate.

A new kitchen island

In case new countertops and cabinets can’t seem to solve your issues with storage and organization, it’s definitely time for a new U- or L-shaped island. It will easily become the centerpiece of your kitchen, but also give you lots of storage space because it’s full of handy and useful drawers. You can design and construct such an island on your own and thus personalize it completely, making sure you get the most of its functionality.

Super-pantry to the rescue!

Finally, if you still can’t make your kitchen as functional and practical as you’d like it to be, you might want to bring out the big gun – the pantry. If your home has some unused space close to the kitchen, convert it into a walk-in pantry filled with shelves and cabinets. Here you can store all your spices, canned food, pasta, rice, and vegetables, but also cooking and baking supplies and kitchen utensils. Some people even store their dishes and pots in the pantry because they just don’t have enough space in the kitchen and while this may seem like a lot of work on a daily basis, picture all the space you’re going to save this way!

Turning your kitchen into a more practical and functional space isn’t easy, and you need to make a sustainable plan in advance, but if you put your mind to it, you’ll surely find a way to accommodate all your kitchen essentials. Remember: keeping them close, always knowing where they are and trying not to clutter too much are three major steps towards a functional kitchen.


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