Ups and Downs of Having Twins

benefits of having twins

Once you tell your family that you are expecting twins, all of a sudden you hear lots of things like: “twice as nice”, “two times the charm”, or “double trouble”. Soon, you start wondering, could it be so bad having twins? Or you will receive twice as much accomplishments and love than having one child?

Before having their first child, many people who dream of having a two-child household, would say that having twins is just perfect. Like this, with just one pregnancy, they solve the problem and their life will become easier and simpler. But, are things just as simple?

The Ups of Having Twins

Every child is a blessing in his or her parents’ life and when you have twins, the blessing is double. Many parents say that twins bring many bonuses in their lives. Therefore, the list of all the benefits of having twins looks more or less like this:

  • If you are not very happy with the thought of having multiple pregnancies, twins solve this problem very easy. You will get a two for one deal and the problem is solved. Your dream of having two children is fulfilled, plus you do not have to suffer for having two pregnancies.
  • Your family will be very open to help you. Everyone understands that having two babies at once is not simple and so everyone will want to help you. Therefore, at least for the first couple of months, you can be sure that you will not have to take care of laundry and dishes. All you need to do is focus on your little miracles and your family and friends will take care of the rest.
  • Your kids will always have their brother and sister close to each other. Therefore, when your kids will go to kindergarten or school, they will be a team and will always support each other in their activities. For many parents this is a huge relief and you will see how they will learn to protect each other since they are small.
  • You have two kids of the same age. Could there be something easier than this? You will go through all the children development phases only once, even though you have two kids.
  • Your baby will always have a playmate. Therefore, you will be able to focus on other things more while your kids enjoy playing time together.

Are There Any Downs When You Have Twins?

Of course there are. Life is not perfect and when you are having a kid there will always be ups and downs. Imagine how it is when you are having two at once!

  • When you have a kid, you are constantly taking care of him or her. But when you have two at once? Your efforts will double and so you will feel more tired and need more time for relaxation.
  • When one twin gets sick, the other will get as well no matter what. It is difficult to keep them separated and try to avoid the other one to get sick too. Therefore, you have to be prepared to take care of both.
  • Once they get older, your house will get empty all at once. This can be seen as a good thing also, but we are sure that it will be difficult for you to see how both of your kids leave to school and the house is empty instantly.
  • The costs are higher. You will need to buy everything in double quantities. Even the stroller will have to be a double one in order to take your kids out easier.

In conclusion, having twins is definitely an adventure. And we are sure it is a memorable one! It is indeed stressful and difficult to raise two kids at the same time, but the accomplishments are double.

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