10 Useful Tips to Make Perfect Waffles

10 Useful Tips to Make Perfect Waffles

Is there any person on this planet who does not love waffles? Filled with fresh fruits or ice cream, with extra toppings of different flavors, the waffles are great in any combination. What is more, they are one of the easiest making desserts on which is hard to screw up. However, like any other sweet delight, there are some secrets that you can follow if you want to obtain the perfect waffles and impress your family and friends.

What Are The Secrets For Perfect Waffles?

  1. The waffle maker has a vital role. Even though you are not a fan of single-purpose kitchen tools, when it comes to a waffle maker, it is better to choose one that is dedicated only to making them. What is more, is extremely important that when you use the waffle maker to read and follow the instructions accordingly. If you want to obtain the perfect waffles, we would recommend not to compromise on quality. Therefore, a nonstick or cast-iron model would be exactly what you need.
  2. Do you use 2 bowls when you combined the ingredients? Actually, you need 3. Why? Let’s take them one by one. One is for the wet ingredients, egg yolks included. Another one is for the dry ingredients and the third one is for the egg whites and sugar.
  3. The quantity and type of fat you use is very important. If you used so far butter to make your waffles, make a change the next time. Use vegetable oil instead and you will see a huge difference. It will help you obtain a thinner batter that creates the crispy waffles everyone loves.
  4. Beating the egg whites with energy is crucial. When you beat the egg whites, too much is never enough. You will practically obtain whipped cream, but that’s okay. The sugar will help the egg whites not to dissolve very fast. At the same time, it softens them and so they will mix easier with the other ingredients.
  5. Buttermilk or regular milk? If you are using usually half regular milk and half buttermilk, it is okay, but try next time to use only buttermilk. Because buttermilk is fatter than the regular one, it will help you create the perfect texture and so obtain delicious waffles.
  6. Mix the ingredients with care. When you create waffles you do not need to rush. If you want to obtain the perfect waffles, you will need your batter to be lumpy. If you follow this rule, you will see that your waffles will have no competition. After you stir until the mix comes together, you can add the egg whites and fold them carefully. When you add the egg whites, you need to add them in three or four batches.
  7. Grease the waffle maker. Even though you are using a non-stick device, you will still need to grease its surface. If you want to avoid extra-greasing, you can use a cooking spray or you can brush some vegetable oil. Doing this between the waffles, will bring you excellent results.
  8. Resist the temptation to peek if your waffle is ready. We know that the temptation is big, but your waffle maker will tell you exactly when your waffles are ready. You do not need to open the lid and check all the time if it is ready. In case your kitchen device does not alert you with a sound or light, there is one safety key that you can use. When the steam stops coming out of the maker’s sides, it means that the waffle is ready.
  9. The oven plays an important role in your waffle-making journey. When you start preparing waffles, you will not prepare just one. So while you are doing the rest, what happens with the ones that are ready? Heat your oven at 200 degrees F and put the waffles inside. It will keep them crispy and warm.
  10. Add a little flavor to your waffles. Vanilla or amaretto will bring an exquisite flavor to your mix. If your recipe does not mention about adding extra flavors, you can add them while you beat the white eggs.

In conclusion, preparing the perfect waffles is not rocket science. All you need to do is just follow some simple rules that bring guaranteed results. Like this, you will make your weekends more flavored and make your family and friends simply adore your waffles.

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