Ways to Keep Your Baby Entertained

Play with your baby

When your baby transforms from a sleepy little thing into a baby who takes a nap for a couple of hours and then spends more hours playing, then you understand that you need to call your imagination to keep your baby entertained.

During his or her growth period, your baby’s abilities and needs will grow together with him and her. Moreover, in the first year of life it is very important to help your child develop his or her brain in the best possible way. Therefore, when playing together it is important to always taking into consideration your kid’s mental and physical development.

How To Entertain Your Baby

  • Use your face. You can delight your baby with various funny faces and sounds. Usually, babies love when someone talks to them and focuses their attention on them. In the first months of life, it is more likely that your face will become your baby’s favorite toy.
  • Entertain your baby with his or her own body. How can you do that? Lay your baby on the back and teach him or her how to clap the hands gently. While you are wiggling your baby’s body, it would be great if you would sing or talk to him or her. This is a method that never fails and you will see how easy it is to keep your baby entertained like this.
  • Offer your baby a noisemaker. The market is full nowadays with toys that make all kinds of noise. They are also adapted for different ages making sure that your kid is able to use them safely. Babies are generally attracted by all kinds of sounds and you will notice how his or her attention is immediately captured by the new toys.
  • Sing to your baby. Once your baby is born, your voice will be the most soothing sound for him or her. Moreover, babies find repetition entertaining. Therefore, you do not need to create a big playlist to keep your baby entertained. It is enough if you repeat one song and you do it in different voices and you can be sure that you found the recipe of success. What is more, if you rock your baby as you sing, he or she will be totally engaged into this new activity. During fussy times, you will not fail with a soothing and entertaining song.
  • Play “Peek-a-Boo”. Even though this is an easy game, it has a serious impact behind. This game will teach your kid the idea of object permanence. Therefore, as soon as your child is 4 months old, you can play this game with him or her. Babies are not born with the idea of permanence. Therefore, when they do not see something, they understand that it no longer exists. Therefore, they need to understand that if you are in another room, even though your child does not see you, you are still there and he or she does not have to be scared. “Peek-a-boo” is an excellent game that will teach your child that things continue to exist even if he or she cannot see them.

One interesting object that will keep your baby entertained is the baby jumper. As soon as your child is able to keep his or head independently, you can use a baby jumper to stimulate his or her legs muscles. In addition, your baby will have a lot of fun while jumping and playing the games provided by the jumper.

All in all, apart from keeping your child entertained and helping him or her to have a healthy development, all these games will also ensure a better sleep during the night. Therefore, you will be a happy parent when you will see your child sleeping all night. You will be also able to sleep and get the necessary energy to start a new fun and exciting day with your child.

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