6 Ways Music Can Change Your Health

6 Ways Music Can Change Your Health

Music can benefit your heart, your brain, and your overall health. Who doesn’t like cranking up the radio and turning on their favorite tunes? We listen to music all the time, on our way to work, while we are at the gym, at parties and just throughout the entire day. Music has that way of making us feel an array of emotions; it can make us happy, sad, angry and even bring back memories. Music can have a range of health benefits to our body, and whatever culture you are part of, there is one simple saying which says ‘music can heal the soul.’ Consider these advantages music has on your body and why you should listen to music more often.

Music Improves Visual and Verbal Skills

Studies have shown that children who are introduced to musical training from a young age have better visual and verbal skills than those that weren’t introduced to music. This allows them to have an enhanced ability when it comes to understanding words and their meaning and putting pictures to words. For older children, studies have shown that those who were involved in musical activities or classes had more sophisticated brains and a higher IQ.

Music Keeps A Brain Healthy

Research has also shown that music is important for an adult brain. As your body grows older, so does your brain. To improve memory and your mental skills listen to music regularly on a daily basis. This has been proven to keep your brain working and stimulates all the right areas in your brain to keep you thinking and mentally young. People that have suffered from minor cases of brain damage have also been cured by listening to music. Through neurological patterns, memories come alive, and your mind begins working again.

Music Makes You Happy

Music release the feel good chemical into your brain which is known as dopamine. This is what makes up feel joyful, excited and happy. Listening to music gives our bodies and minds the same pleasure as it would get from eating your favorite food or hugging someone you love. Music which has a higher tempo always releases more light signals to the brain than music with a slower tempo.

Music has a difference on your blood pressure and heart rate

Many studies have been done all around the world which has proven that listening to music can help improve any heart problems or diseases. Patients who were recovering from heart surgery also recovered quicker by listening to music than those who didn’t. Studies have also shown that people who listen to music for thirty minutes found themselves with lower blood pressure and a more regular heartbeat.

Music Reduces Pain

Music has the capability of decreasing the level of the stress hormone called cortisol into your brain. This hormone causes stress, anxiety and is responsible for things like heart attacks, high blood pressure, and other stress-related health issues. Just by fifty minutes of listening to music a day, you can reduce any chronic pain you have, and any reduce stress levels which cause your mind and body to feel unhealthy.

Music Reduces Depression and Decreases Stress Levels

Music will improve the quality of your negative emotions. People that deal with depression and anxiety can benefit from listening to music during the day. Because music can decrease stress levels, lower blood pressure and make you feel happy, depression levels are also reduced. Instead of filling your body up with antidepressants music is a good way to push these feelings to the side.

As you can see music has a huge effect on the body and the mind. Just by listening to music for one hour a day, you can change the way you feel. Whether it is classical or country, turn the radio up, enjoy a cup of coffee and live a laid-back lifestyle which all begins with some simple tunes.

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