7 Ways to Save Energy at Home

Save Energy At Home

Running a home and paying bills is hard for everyone. When it comes to electric, heating, gas and water consumption, there are many ways that you can even half your bills. Saving energy is not only vital for the environment, but it is good for your bank balance too. Just by making a few simple changes to your home and your lifestyle you can save a ton of energy and a ton of money. Start by making these small and straightforward changes, and when the next bill comes in, you will see the difference.

Modify the clothes you wear

Changing the clothes you wear in your home can save you on heating bills. Whether you heat your home by electric, by central heating or by gas, you can use less if you dress more when at home. Think about wearing a jumper rather than a t-shirt and wear thick socks and slippers. Rather than putting the heating on full blast keep it at a temperature which is between 18 and 20 degrees and wear more clothes to help you feel warmer.

Shut rooms off you don’t use

Heating a whole house in the winter or cooling a whole in the summer can be expensive. Think about the rooms you use the most and shut off the rooms you don’t use. It might be a home office, a spare bedroom or a second bathroom. Close the doors to keep the heat out and in the other rooms. Sometimes this isn’t possible but depending on how large your family is and how big your house is, you can save a lot of money this way.

Turn off appliances when you don’t need them

Today everything is run on electric. TV’s, phones, computers, kettles and even microwaves still use power when they are in standby mode. Have you noticed that clock on your stove? The light on your TV? This all uses power. Think about unplugging your appliances when you don’t need them and when not in use. Additionally turn off the TV before you go to bed, shut down your computer and be aware of appliances that are using power. This will also reduce the fire hazards in your home.

Change all your light bulbs and use natural light where possible

Changing your light bulbs is a major step in saving energy. Today you can buy light bulbs which are energy efficient and give off the same light as traditional light bulbs. Although the initial expensive is more, they will last longer and use less power which means you are saving money. Go to your house and change every light bulb both in and out. Try to use natural light as much as possible. This means opening curtains to let light in which will also let natural heat in. If you are reading, then do so by the window rather than under a lamp. Just these small changes can save you a lot of money.

Modify the way you use your washing machine and dishwasher

When you use your washing machine and dishwasher use eco cycles which use cooler water and for a shorter length of time. Only turn them on when you have a full load and try to minimize extra expenses. Think about putting your clothes out to air dry rather than in a tumble dryer and wash dishes by hand when possible.

Take a shower rather than a bath

By taking shorter showers and showers not baths can save on water and electric. Think about taking a quick shower rather than a bath and think about saving, even more, money by cleaning your teeth when in the shower. Just simple things like multitasking when bathing can save a whole lot of money. Take a shower with your little one as well. This is a fun way to bond and will save both money, energy, and water at once.

Insulate your home

If you think you can afford it then protecting your home is a good way to save energy. Think about changing windows and insulating roofs and walls. This will help keep your home cooler in the summer and hotter in the window, therefore, saving you a lot of cash on energy bills.

Make your children aware of how to conserve energy – Last but not least to help you save money you need to make everyone in your home aware of this. Children especially need to be informed. Explain to them about turning off appliances and using less water. Offer them small prizes and treats when they do this, and your efforts will soon be seen when you get your next energy bill through!

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