What Kind of Battery Does My Lawn Mower Need?

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There are a lot of cars that can run on the same batteries you’d use for other vehicles, and it’s also not hard to find multiple batteries with different power ratings that are all approved for the same car or truck. That’s because performance parts that are designed to deliver a more consistent experience over a longer lifespan diversify the market. This can lead people into thinking batteries are interchangeable, though, and this really isn’t the case, especially if you’re looking for something to power a machine that isn’t a car, like a boat or a lawnmower. Both mower batteries and marine batteries are different from car batteries in ways that are often not interchangeable.

In the case of your lawnmower battery, the exact power capacity and size will be tied to the model and manufacturer, so you will want to make sure you’re asking after a lawnmower battery specifically. You’ll also want the information about your model and your last battery, the way you would provide information about your car to get the right parts list before you could get a VIN lookup free tool by shopping online.

Why Aren’t Mower and Car Batteries Interchangeable?

Mower batteries are not only smaller than car batteries, but they also tend to last longer, and this is only partly explained by their more infrequent use. If you use a larger car battery in place of the one your mower should have, you run the risk of overpowering the system. It might not seem like a big deal, but running more current than your mower can handle means you might overwhelm the wires, overheating them to the point that they break down and short. If your mower has fuses, they can be blown by this, and if it’s simple enough not to have them the repairs could be tough to track down and fix.

lawn mower

This is also why you want to make sure your lawn mower battery is the right one. While a mower battery that’s too large for your mower probably won’t overpower it as much as a car battery, it can still trip fuses and cause problems. On the other side of the equation, if the battery is too small you might not have the cranking power you need to consistently start the engine. If it’s a close fit but it’s still a little off, it could manifest as being finicky when the temperature is quite high or low. If it’s pretty far off, your mower might not start at all.

How Long Do Mower Batteries Last?

Lawnmower batteries tend to last much longer than vehicle batteries, so almost definitely more than five years if it’s properly taken care of. There’s occasionally a bum battery in a batch, but mower batteries are not used as intensively as car batteries and in a lot of cases, it’s the number of discharge/recharge cycles that dictates a battery’s life more than a calendar age. That’s why high-use vehicles tend to wear through theirs faster than cars that are only used occasionally, too.

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