Should Women Lift Weights?

Should Women Lift Weights

How many times have you heard someone, a woman probably, saying that “women shouldn’t lift weights?

It has been a long-held myth that women will bulk up and look manly if they lift weights. To start off, lifting weights won’t make women bulk up because women’s bodies are engineered differently from men’s.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why women should lift weights.

Increase your Strength

Studies have debunked the myth by showing that with 30 times lower muscle growth hormones women are unlikely to gain size from lifting weights. Add in the hours of work most men have to put in at the gym to bulk up, and you realize that it is next to impossible for a woman to bulk up just by lifting weights.

Lifting weights, however, gives women definition and muscle tone. The more you lift, the stronger you become and the harder you can exercise to reach your fitness goals.

Build Lean Muscle

The end goal for anyone who consistently works out should be to lose fat and gain muscle. Lifting weights helps to build lean muscle, which in turn gives you a slimmer, fit, and contoured body.

Gaining muscle is also something that makes some women give up on lifting weights because it can come with weight gain – on the scale. Muscle takes up much less space compared to fat, and when you burn off fat and build muscle, you will ultimately look slimmer despite the number on the weighing scale.

Burn More Fat

With regards to building lean muscle, you will be burning off more fat because muscle uses up more energy for just about any activity.

With increased muscle mass, you will be able to lose fat quicker, which anyone trying to shed off the pounds will always embrace. The great thing with having increased muscle mass as well is that you can indulge a little more on foods you like, once in awhile, without the consequence.

Keep Burning Throughout the Day!

When you lift weights, you not only burn fat while working out but you’ll keep on burning throughout the day. Lifting weights helps to raise your metabolism.

One of the other aspects of working out is to work on boosting your metabolism. Lifting weights helps with metabolism boost, because of the muscle gained needs increased energy to sustain as well as the general recovery that follows.

Switch things Up

How many times have you cursed underneath your breath when you realized that you forgot your iPod at home? The reason why most of us need music while working out is simply to keep us thinking about anything other than the workout at hand.

Typical running-on-the-treadmill type of cardio workouts can get old quite fast. When you are not looking forward to your workouts, it gets harder to stay committed. Lifting weights will switch things up and

Lifting weights will switch things up and keep you engaged throughout the exercise.

Relieve Stress

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to work out, and with weights as part of the session, you’ll be feeling elated throughout the day.

People who lift weight soon enough find it quite fun, and there is always a subconscious drive to outdo your previous session. Lifting also helps to build strength and stamina, which are critical aspects when it comes to fighting depression.

In addition to the benefits listed above, lifting weights offers countless of health benefits including reducing diabetes, heart disease risk, and osteoporosis risk.

To sum it all up, let no one lie to you that women shouldn’t lift weights. If anything, lifting weights comes with nothing but numerous benefits for women.


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